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2019-09-11 21:58:37 (UTC)

Prompt 044: Breakfast

44. What do you normally eat for breakfast? Why is this your go-to meal in the morning?


Most of the time, I eat breakfast at my day job. I like being there nice and early so I can ease into my morning at work, organizing my thoughts, reviewing my to-do list, and so on. I usually eat something that doesn't require cooking. This currently takes the form of rice cakes with either hummus or peanut butter. Oftentimes, I add toppings such as pumpkin seeds or wasabi peas to lend some texture and additional flavours to the meal.

I also happen to be a coffee addict. It's not unusual for me to drink an entire pot of coffee on my own. When at the day job, I'm responsible to make coffee whenever a training cohort is in session, as I'm typically the first person in the office. When at home all day, I could easily suck down two pots of coffee before I go to bed. Of course, only the first pot of coffee is (partially) caffeinated, while the second pot (or pots) of the day would be exclusively decaf.

So it's a cuppa coffee, along with three or four rice cakes with some kind of topping on them. By then, I either am sated or I have an apple or something for dessert. It's easy, it's affordable, it's not too full of calories, and it's prepared quickly at my desk. I really couldn't ask for more out of a worthwhile breakfast.

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