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2019-09-11 02:56:22 (UTC)

2nd Gym

Well, since I can't do crossfit stuff yet, I joined another gym to walk on the treadmill. It's ok but it's long and boring. Good thing I got my smartphone to help me kill time. Watched youtube stuff and managed to walk/jog around 7 miles I think. I know one thing. Treadmills are the devil. An hour on the treadmill feels like an hour on the treadmill. My crossfit class is an hour and it feels like 10 min. But no, this gym not the same. I haven't been a member long and I go and different times so I don't have any friends here yet. I did get a lot of points though so by tomorrow, I will have the minimum mandatory points need for the month already. Not too exciting but I get to keep my rank and progress to eventually the next rank in 12 months which is "diamond". Still a long ways away ro that though.

Earlier today, I picked up my meds at Safeway. I thought I'd treat myself to some Strarbucks foo-foo coffee. Walking out the store, I pass by a lady and she says "Ooooh, that looks good" (Meaning the coffee). I did my cordial smile and said something polite. Forgot what I said but I was thinking how this never happened a couple of years ago when I was about 45 pounds overweight. Still the same ole me but lighter. It's not right. What a shallow world. Where were these people when I was lonely and a little insecure? Whatever. Enjoying the moment. Better this than the way it used to be when I was heavier yet more invisible to the world.

Got invited to watch a movie with my friend S but I was planning on hitting the gym so I passed. My online friend Jen ( The one with the knee surgery in Oakland) said that she is having to take pain killers again.She asked if I was still taking any and I told her nope. I now have a stash of Oxy pills for future pain. lol.

That's all I got for now. Jogging 7 miles got me tired. I'm not a jogger. I repeat, I am not a jogger whatsoever. I only go on the treadmill and I only go on it due to Dr. restriction. Can't wait for me to be able to go to my workout classes again. Sigh....