Do Not Disturb

2019-09-09 22:30:25 (UTC)

I take that back

We're not together. We never were getting back together. And here I am thinking that we were. Of coarse,I would think that we were.

I didn't present today because I didn't volunteer to but eventually I have to because it's for a grade. An easy slap on the A.

Anyways, he said he want me back and miss me but doesn't wanna be together. And here I am believing all this stuff he has said to me since we started back talking. Now you know what I mean when I say fall in love to fast or get attached to fast.

I hate this. I hate for letting this happen. I wanna cry.

We went to see " Ready or not" in theaters. Honestly,it was pretty good even though I'd preferred to see " Spider-man far from home". Maybe next time. It was kind of scary but not that scary. As you can tell,I'm not a big fan of scary movies. Ir was like a horror movie and a comedy movie combined in a way.

I gpt my check today but it wasn't much. When I went to cash it out and put it on my card this lady kept asking me if,I wanted to put all of it on their and I'm like yea I do.


Why do you even ask that ???

The good thing about the card is that I get text alerts to see what I bought and how much I have left on the card.

At least I'm still talking to A right. I guess me and him are together in a way. But it felt rushed.

I also wondered why my ex sent me a friend request if,he didn't wanna get back together. Maybe he just did that to see how I was doing or to just stalk my page to see if,I was with someone.

I really need to stop this nonsense with all these guys. It's going no where.

I have 25 more days till I turn 21. Feel pretty good about it. At lear I'll be legal legal now.

Mood: Hurt by the one and only 💔💔💔🖕

- A