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1992-09-09 17:41:20 (UTC)

September 1992

9/10/1992 Thurs. 3:37 AM

I've been a bit lazy again as far as doing everything I need to do. I figured that since I can't sleep, now's as good a time as any to write.

Andy and I went to see the Twin Peaks movie.

I need to finish a letter to my parents and also write to Tammy. I have tons of editing to do still, but I have done some. Kim shocked me by sending 28 blank tapes! When I called to thank her she told me she'd send a letter along with some stamps. I've made her 5 tapes of convos and edits. I'm listening to a funny-as-all-hell tape of Andy. The other night he was over here listening to my latest edition of edits. We were also writing to Nervous and Fran using all those cards my parents sent. We were cracking up over what I enclosed in Fran's envelope as well as Nervous' - dead crickets.

I got some really cool and awesome new stationery of neon cats for a buck at Walgreens.

As I was addressing tons of envelopes and enclosing geometrical colorings I did, I came up with a great idea. I had Andy put the headphones on while I played Desde la Oscuridad. I told him to read the lyrics and sing what he thought the words were. It was so hysterically funny! It sounded like a Jewish cantor singing. We were dying of laughter.

Then, we went and teased Ellie. Man is that woman fucked up! I've only seen her that one time since she came over here and I shut her out. That woman is as crazy and as delusional as you can get, but funny if you only see her once a month to rank on her. At the same time we understand she can't help being crazy, she's so funny and perfect to have a field day with.

I'll write more about Ellie, Tara and Tonya some other time. Other than that, not much else has happened. I had a flood in my bathroom, Fay's moving, I'm horny and that's it. The only major thing to write about is Tara. The rest is all little odds and ends.

9/20/1992 Sun. 3:37 PM

Several things have happened since I last wrote. Let me begin with Tara. She showed me tons of drawings she did which make mine look like I scribbled. She's had lots of lessons and of course, I haven't had any. She sat down with me and gave me 10 minutes of tips and pointers, and oh my God! I don't know who was more shocked. She or me. I've drawn about 8 pictures since and they're tremendously better.

Last Friday night she was supposed to come over at 2 AM after going out. Around 12:30 that evening, I heard a knock on my door and I thought it was her. When I opened the door it was Ed who I met at the pool. We'd always had some good talks at the pool and he said he knew this girl who was gay. He and his roommate seemed nice and open-minded and he said this girl looked like a centerfold. I doubt that if she's gay. I never met her cuz he didn't know her well or see her often. Anyway, he was at my door with a beer, obviously smashed, saying he was just wandering. Yeah, right.

I went to Andy's phone and called 911. He just had to "wander" to my door, then on my patio. He never said or did anything about sex, but I wasn't born yesterday. One thing would've led to another. Especially with a guy with a beer in his hand at that hour. Plus, I'm gay so that would make it all the more exciting for him, wouldn’t it? They're God's gift to women, as far as they’re concerned, and they love the resistance and challenge of “conquering” a gay woman.

When the cops arrived, he was gone. The cops and I went to his door. I told him I'll be friendly and say hi to him at the pool, but if he comes to my door, there's gonna be trouble. I was so caught off guard that it freaked me out. If he came around again I'd be ripped and there’s no telling what I may do to him. Let’s just say I’d take the so-called “thrill of conversion” right outa him.

9/21/1992 Mon. 2:15 AM

I got up at midnight and I would've had my schedule changed two weeks ago if it weren't for the fuckface upstairs. He's really pissing me off more and more and I'm sure the issue once again comes down to sex. I've had a few nice talks with Robert but he walks like an elephant, and after living in Norwich, I cannot deal with anyone living above me. That's one reason I wanted the second floor. The other is that you have a zillion times more privacy. Now that it's cooled off a bit I want to sleep with my windows open at night and shut the AC off and conserve. I always envied Andy who's about to do that and have privacy with no people walking right by your windows.

The last reason is cuz I'm sick of Mark next door. I went off on him last week and gave him every piece of my mind. His attitude sucks and he hates everyone so you can only imagine how much he hates himself.

I moved in here too fast cuz I wanted to hurry up and get into my own place and Andy and I thought studios rarely were vacant.

So now here's the good news and the solution to the problem. I called cousin Boo and explained the situation to her telling her I'd never ask for money ordinarily and to please keep it our secret (though I doubt she will). Mom and dad have helped enough and they send $50 monthly. She said she knew the move was rough, would be delighted to help, it was our secret and my b-day gift. The check should soon be here and I am ever so grateful for her help.

I went to the office and spoke to Judy, and I'm moving to Building 1 directly behind Andy! It's apartment #247, and Oct. 2nd is when the move will take place. I've spoken to Tony, that really nice black guy, as well as the guy who's gonna be below me in 147 and they will hopefully help with the move.

I told Judy not to mention the $95 transfer fee to my parents. I also called them and I told them I was in the office and overheard a woman say she wants the first floor and offered to swap with her.

Kara was over last week too, and her brother told me he'd help me move for free. However, Kara says he's in Michigan where they're from.

Fay's moving into a trailer, and her brother, who also lives here and is helping her. Maybe he can help me as well. There's not too much heavy stuff but there will be 10,000 trips. With asthma, it would be cool to get all the help I can. Only those willing to help as a favor cuz I have no money to pay them. Except for the bed, table and microwave I can pretty much handle it all on my own. I'll load stuff in boxes, empty them there and go back and forth loading and unloading boxes. It'd be great to get a shopping cart.

2:50 AM

I've written to family and friends and I've got to get more stamps. I got a package from my parents. Dad claims that all they have left is my old guitar but where are the rest of my pictures? They sent my typewriter, twin sheets, a twin blanket, my papers (legal papers), my albums, my tools and two awesome outfits. I was shocked and couldn't believe they sent me something so stylish and non-baggy. I got a beautiful, tight, short black dress with silver studs around the neck and colored glass beads on the upper front part of it. Also, a tie-dye pair of pants with matching tops and they all fit perfectly. I do have to keep pulling up the pants but at least they're not baggy. They're all sizes small and my stomach is flatter since I used that cream down below. The infection had been bloating me out.

I got a short quick letter from Tammy as I wrote before along with $50 since she sold my couch.

Andy gave me 22 blank tapes he no longer wants. Now I have about 78 blanks!

I went grocery shopping the other day. A guy who lives in building 2 took me, saying anytime I need a ride and see his truck there to let him know.

I always thought male neighbors were better as they tend to complain less about loud music, but luckily I’ll have two female neighbors and a male below me. There are 4 apartments on each side and on Andy's side there are two other gay men. Andy asked, "Is building 1 the gay building, or what?" There'll be a woman next to me and another under her. Under me, there'll be a guy named Jeff. I spoke to him at the pool and he said if he's home he'll help me move stuff. He said he has no problem with my music and I hope whoever she is next to me doesn't mind. I told Jeff I appreciate the help but cannot talk to my neighbors. He asked if it was due to a boyfriend and I said no I'm not into that and he said we'll talk sometime. I'm just gonna level with him and tell him I'm not available to him for sex and I choose not to know my neighbors as I want no problems. He does seem like a fairly decent guy, though. Then again, don’t they always?

I can't wait to move.

Two nights ago, believe it or not, Andy wanted to go to the bar. I thought he felt like I do. I thought he was sick of the games. I know in my mind I can't get what I want and in this day and age I've come to accept it and I've stopped fighting a losing battle. I go in there and either get what I don't want or nowhere. The few that were fairly attractive could've cared less about me and the few I exchange numbers with never call. If I call them (if they've given me the correct number) they act like they don't know me and brush me off. You get tired of the same old pattern. He was also upset cuz I've been asleep when he's up. I thought he wouldn't mind as he chewed me out for coming over every day when I first came here. It just so happens that when he's free, I'm asleep. When I'm up, he's asleep. I wish he were still a night person and he did say he was getting sick of getting up so early. I knew he'd miss being a night person.

He said he may want to go to the bars tomorrow night or the next night, and I'll be asleep. Coincidence? Nope. God's trying to reinforce the fact that it isn't meant to be. I could hang out in gay bars every single night and it wouldn’t get me anywhere.

Next, I'll write about Ray and this girl Melissa I met at the pool. Now I'm gonna make a bagel.

5:05 AM

Well, Robert stomped and slammed his way off to school. Payback is gonna be a real bitch but not till I move so he can't retaliate. All he could do is come to my door or tell me to knock it off if I see him at the pool. I doubt he'd come to my door and he'd never call the cops any more than I knew Mark would when he received that very threatening and sexual letter. It scared him, though. He told me if I saw the guy to call the cops and that he's gonna get a gun. I don't know if he really got a gun or not.

I hope I have a peephole in my door cuz I ain't answering my door without knowing who it is first.

When I made some pranks to Robert while Andy was back east, he laughed about it at the pool. The things I'll say over the phone won't be threatening, but they'll be very blunt, sarcastic and very weird. Perhaps sexual too, as I know he'd love that. He's lucky cousin Boo's helping me with the transfer fee as I'd surely have to round up a few people to set him straight if I had to stay here. Why do I always keep ending up in the same situation? I just moved from this even though his noise isn't an eighth of what I put up with in Norwich. It isn't so much the stuff he does, it's his fucking stomping. He doesn't know how to walk and he has no common courtesy. I also plan on visiting him at 1:00-2:00 in the morning when I know he's asleep. I wish I had that long crank I had to open my skylights with in Deadfield.

I hope I hear from Kim soon so I can mail her tapes out to her. She said she'd send lots of stamps. I also want to try and see if she'll help with the phone installation. Connecticut's sending a letter of good credit but I don't know if it'll be accepted since I was only there for 4 months. I'd just as well find a way to pay for the installation so I can avoid the same hassle and waiting game I went through with the food stamps. If they don't waive the $170 deposit, fine. In case of an emergency, I don't like not having a phone. I can also leave messages for Andy while he's asleep or at work, rather than leave him notes.

I wrote about a letter I wrote to Debbie a month or so ago. Non-threatening and non-sexual. It's my constitutional right which they can't prove. I also was told to deny anything, especially shit they can't prove without a lawyer. Several lawyers have told me this.

Ray called to tell me he was denying my case. Over that? The whole situation is so stupid and my dad told me not to worry.

Oh, I'm not, believe me.

I laid out by the pool yesterday and got a little color back. I'm gonna lie out today, too.

Maybe I'll see Melissa who's so nice and pretty. I'll write about her later.

6:30 AM

Melissa's a really nice girl I met with a body that makes mine look sick. She's 5' 4" with medium-length, thin, straight blond hair and a perfect figure. Her face is slightly plain but more pretty than plain. She has nice eyes and a pretty smile.

When I told her I was gay she said she admired my openness and knew many gay people including her boyfriend's brother. She also wonders if her female roommate has tendencies.

She also told me, even though she's addicted to her boyfriend, she thought I was very attractive. She showed me a book she was reading called addictive relationships. She says she's too clingy, dependent and jealous when it comes to her boyfriend. It amazes me that they've been together for over a year.

I told her I was always alone cuz I'm not attracted to gay women and they're not attracted to me.

We talked about lots of things and she said she gets badgered by guys and that women avoid her. Then, as I was about to tell her how well I can relate to that, she said she can see me getting the same thing.

I know I'll never get her, but I'm used to wanting the ones I can't have and she's good as a friend at least. I hope.

Later I'll write the good news I have about SS. Isn't it shocking and amazing to actually have any good news about them? For now, I'm gonna lay down and veg out and enjoy Robert's absence. Believe it or not, this guy's home more than I was back east. He hasn't worked since I have been here and he's only out at school from 7 AM - 10:30 AM. I wish he were never home and always away traveling.

8:35 AM

I called SS last Fri. to find out how much they plan to take from my check. She said they usually take 10%. I asked how much of a cut that'd be from $426. She said about $42. I said that's crazy and she said she'd call to tell them to take only $5 a month. She asked me if I got SSI and I said I thought I didn't qualify for that here in Arizona. She made the call and said I do get SSI, but haven't gotten it cuz that's how they're collecting the bullshit overpayment. In 10 months I should have my SSI check back and she says they're not gonna touch my SS check. Well, I sure hope she's right cuz so many times one person will say one thing while another will say something totally different.

9/24/1992 Thurs. 2:20 PM

I thought I was moving on the 2nd, but I guess it's the 9th now. Gordy's gonna need a week to paint and fix anything that may need to be fixed.

When I used that cream downstairs I used 1 tube. I had 1 refill and after using 1 tube it got much better. However, I still have some discharges and bloating. I called the office and spoke to one of his nurses who said I should use the second tube. Why didn't the doctor tell me this in the first place?

3:35 PM

I got the check from cousin Boo. I thought it'd be $50, but it was $125! That was so nice of her and I'm very grateful. I intend to write her a thank-you note.

After I move I'm definitely gonna have a phone. I'm doing pretty good financially for a change.

Tuesday morning I'd had it with Robert. At 4 AM when he went to leave for work he stomped and woke me up. That was the final straw and I opened my door as he came down the stairs and I screamed, "Thanks a fucking lot! You have no fucking common courtesy waking people up at 4:00 in the goddamn morning!" I spoke to Paula yesterday about his stomping since talking to him myself didn’t work.

9/25/1992 Fri. 1 PM

For starters, I went out last night and it was horribly boring. There were a few feminine ones there, all taken, naturally. I'm too old to be playing this game and I told Andy that if he's gonna go out he's gonna have to go alone or with someone else. The scene just isn't for me and neither are butches. Everyone says to think positive and a feminine one will come to you. Yeah, right. They also say when you're expecting nothing to happen, you'll get what you want. Sure. If that were true I'd have been getting hit on left and right for the last two years. It's truly impossible and not meant to be but at least I didn't get hit on by a butch or a man. I asked God that if He were never planning on sending me what I want, please have men hit on me less often. A lot less often. I just wish I could settle for a butch and get turned on by people I'm not attracted to. I beg for Him to help me find the way to settle. Not for a man cuz they're so hard to deal with, become too pushy, and give me a higher chance of diseases and of course pregnancy. I just want to someday be able to settle for a butch even if it takes time.

I called SRP to transfer my electricity and then the refill number on that cream Andy's gonna pick up after work. I hope he remembers. He's always remembered before. I do his laundry for all these little favors.

I also called US West and got a phone! My number will be 589-0397. It's an ugly number but at least it's a phone. I gave Tammy the number and swore her to secrecy.

My letter of credit from CT is no good cuz it was only for 4 months, but I'm glad as I know my weaknesses. I'd get carried away with the long distance and there's no way I could afford an additional $170. It's already gonna be around $100 to get started, but thanks to cousin Boo, I can handle that. My monthly charge after that will be around $30. The guy I spoke to did say I'd be able to make collect calls. We'll see. I'll have 3-way calling, but no call-waiting or call-forwarding. I'm also getting that voice messaging service. I like it so much better and my answering machine is partially broken. When I moved from Deerfield I accidentally yanked the cord out and a part of the module clip that goes into the phone jack snapped off. So, this way I don't have to keep taping it in, nor do I have to deal with that obnoxious clicking when someone calls while I'm asleep.

1:50 PM

I'm gonna watch Matlock soon and Tara says she's gonna come over. That's what she says, but we'll see as she's said that before. I wanna show her my new dress from mom and dad. I saw her, Tonya and Sue at the pool. Pat, Ed's roommate, was there also. I figured he'd be evasive due to my little run-in with Ed, but he was very nice.

9/26/1992 Sat. noon

Last night was lots of fun, except for one thing. First I was over visiting with Tara. We played a game of Crazy 8's, then some keyboards and listened to some tapes. The one of Andy trying to sing Desde la Oscuridad. Also, some calls as well as us talking to Laurie at the crisis center.

After that, I ran into Andy on my way back to my place. We went to McDonald's. On our way out we ran over a small dog. Where did it come from? We never saw it running toward the car and the poor thing was crying out in so much pain. We took off hoping and praying someone rescues it. Legally there is a leash law. Morally we felt bad. I think I once met the dog's owners and if I'm correct the dog does live here and is 15 years old.

Time for a swim.

1:30 PM

I was chatting with Sue and Sharon at the pool. Sue's so cool.

Last night Andy picked up that cream I need and I've begun that. I hope this time around it clears it up 100%.

For the last 3 days, I've been out by the pool. I'm tan but not as tan as I'd like to be. I also can feel that sun poisoning slightly acting up again. I'm doing it little by little, very carefully. I may simply have to wait until October, November or December. That sounds so funny. Imagine saying in MA. How you're gonna wait till October, November or December to go tanning!

I went over to Andy's and called Nervous and Fran. Nervous really didn't have much to say and was eating prime rib. That was at 1 PM his time.

I spoke to Fran at around 4:00 his time and I gave him as well as Nervous my phone number. I also told them about the transfer.

I wish I could move now. Robert's been quiet since I blasted him out, but I'm still looking forward to being able to sleep with my windows open, never hearing any footsteps above me, and to getting away from Mark.

Dennis and Brian, these two brothers who live here, are gonna be the ones helping me move. They understand I have no money to pay them. Dennis says you don't pay your friends, but if I could, I would.

I am here now on my patio as I write this with my Walkman listening to Gloria. At least it's not too unbearably hot for that, but I'm gonna go for a swim soon.

I spoke to Tammy yesterday and I was laughing as she told me it was in the 60s and very chilly with lots of rain. That's what Fran says too. It's funny knowing they're all bundled up while I'm sweating my ass off and going swimming. When I'm up early in the mornings I have the weirdest sensation. As I look outside I can swear it's chilly out and it blows my mind when I see I can walk out onto my patio in shorts and a halter top and be perfectly warm. My body is still in Taxachusetts, even though my mind is here. This is the longest summer I've ever had. I'm used to being pretty much in long pants and sweatshirts by now.

9/28/1992 Mon. 5:35 PM

I woke up at 11 AM today. Amazingly, I slept through the lawnmowers. I do want to keep on a day schedule till after I move. Due to sleeping till 11:00, I'll be up till 3 AM. I must set my alarm for 8:00 to get up no matter how hard it'll be.

I met the girl who's gonna be next to me. Her name’s Andrea, but people call her Andi.

9:40 PM

I stopped writing at the time as Andy came over. We went to visit a friend of his he used to work with. Her name was Autumn which is pretty.

We also went to Fry's and I got $35 worth of food.

After I move I want to get a full-length mirror. I'm really looking forward to transferring and having a phone.

As I began to say before, I met my next-door neighbor. She seems nice.

Last Sunday Jeff was at the pool and he was about to use the grill. I asked if I could throw on my pork chop. He not only cooked my pork chop, but he also gave me some shrimp. That was very nice of him, but I also made it clear to him that I can't constantly hang with people here. I also made it clear that I'm only available as a friend. Well, it'll be more of an acquaintance. I want to be friendly with him, but not friends.

I opened my windows, but it is still way too hot today. It was 105º and Andy says it will be 108º Wed.

I still haven't gotten a letter from Kim or anyone else in my family, but I've written tons of letters. I got one done for Bob which I haven't written to him since I first got here. I sent him some hair. I've also written to Nervous, Fran, Brenda, Kacey, Jimmy, and Russell S.

I spoke with cousin Boo to thank her for her check and the day I move she'll be going to Nevada to see her daughter Rhoda. She'll be gone for 3 weeks. I told her I'll write to her as soon as she returns. She says she'll write too.

I have to take my meds soon, and in half an hour I'll watch Hunter.

Not much else has been going on. Ed and Pat have been really nice and they never mentioned the night I called the cops on Ed. I think Ed is dating this girl Tina who lives here. She lives with this girl Lena. They (Lena and Tina) know I'm gay and know lots of people. Lena's best friend is gay and I think I've seen her. A major butch. I don't believe they know of any other gay women as feminine as I am, but what else is new?

I've chatted a few times with Rachel who lives diagonally below Andy at the front of the building (I’ll be in the back) and she really is very sweet. She gave me some boxes she used to move in with. I gave her some stuff I didn't want.

This guy Randy whom I met when I first moved in, fixed my typewriter. It's still not perfect and I sure miss Tammy's typewriter, but now the keys don't stick so much.

He's very nice and I can see any girl who was looking for a serious relationship selecting him as the least likely to become a jerk.

This other guy Mike, who lives here, seems OK. We've chatted a few times too, but with his now knowing I don't get involved, he may come around less often.

I don't say it in a nasty way, but I get to the point while I sound honest and sincere and not slap it into their faces. That is unless they just don't get it. I like guys who give up, rather than get more persistent, pushy and determined. I know there are so many women who'd die to get hit on as much as I do. Yet, it seems I always have to keep batting them away. Well, life's not at all fair. You get what you don't want while someone else gets what you do want.

Now I need to stop and take my meds and watch some TV.

9/29/1992 Tues. 1:45 PM

Only 9 more days till I move and have a phone! I'm really psyched. I wish I could move right now.

I never bothered to set my alarm. I woke up at 10:30 but didn't get out of bed till 11:30.

Tonight, I'm gonna watch the two-hour premiere of Reasonable Doubts.

Right now I'll go see if Andy's home. I know he said he's got lots to do. Next weekend, or this coming weekend I should say, his sister Marla and his nephew Brian are coming for a couple of days from San Francisco.

I went to the pool a few times and chatted with an elderly couple, Nancy and Steve whom I met a few months ago. Well, they're sort of elderly. Maybe in their 50s, but very nice.

Tara was there briefly with her friend Teresa who lives here, but will soon be moving out. Tara said Teresa's brother knows gay women and Tara's gonna ask her about them.

Oh, yeah sure. Like this is gonna lead me to such wonderful lust. The game of seek, chase, guess, wonder and playing detective sure is fun, though.

Tina, Lena's roommate came over to check the studio apartment I have out in case she gets one for herself. She’s in a 1-bed now. I was on my patio as she was walking by and she asked to check it out. She did, liked it, and said she'd have to visit sometime. She knows I'm gay too, and I think she may be seeing Ed, but I don't know for sure. She said she lived with a guy here and when they broke up, he moved out and she moved in with Lena.

5:05 PM

Andy and I took some pictures of the pool and the grounds. Cuz he has to finish the roll by Friday I asked mom to send another one since I won't be moved till Oct. 9th. After I move, I'll get my place all fixed up just like it is on the first floor and take some pictures.

I saw the perfect ad in the laundry room. It said: Female cat, spayed, declawed, litter box trained, free to good home.

When I called, I found out it was taken last Sunday. It figures. Just my luck that if it sounds too good to be true, it's taken and out of the question. I'll send Nervous the picture of the cat that was attached to the ad, anyway.

I put an ad in each laundry room for my answering machine for $45 or best offer. I know I'm gonna like that voice messaging much better. I also won't hear that obnoxious clicking when I'm sleeping or have to keep taping it into the jack. All I'll need to do when I'm sleeping is turn the phone ringer off. I never could turn off my answering machine. It would still go off but ring many more times first.

3:10 PM

Last night turned out to be fun. Andy came over at 10:00. We talked here for a while, then decided to go see Ellie. We figured she may not want to see us but she was totally thrilled. We talked seriously as well as about goofy stuff from lyrics and such. She laughed along with it. I ended up getting my pink denim mini-skirt and bringing it over to glue on beads, shells, sequins and colored glue. It was fun and the skirt looks great.

I told her I was transferring and gave her my number. Andy gave her his number and she gave us hers! This is great for when we don't feel like visiting her and I told her to always call first. Andy said the same rule applies to him. We're gonna tape her, edit her and cross her.

As we were leaving she became furious, saying I didn't help her clean up, but I did. Andy said she seemed so cured till we left, but that's typical Ellie to become furious in the end. If she isn't freaking out right from the get-go.

I spoke briefly with mom and dad yesterday. I also called Tara from Andy's phone. Just Tara was there and Andy and I sang her funny lyrics.

I'm a little nervous right now as tonight we're doing karaoke. My voice is in shit shape due to the fact that I've hardly sung all that much here. Been busy with other things, but I sang two songs earlier. I don't want to warm up there and be coughing up phlegm. I must rely solely on my looks and try to look my best as my singing won't be where it should be and could be. I'll try my best, but unless they sing worse than Andy, or if they are better and I win, it'll be mainly cuz of my looks.

Another thing that is a little nerve-wracking, is that this is a straight bar. I'll no doubt get several hits. If I were straight, alone and looking, the guys wouldn't bother with me.

I think I'll go take a walk down to Tara's place and see if she'd like to go with us, but I'm sure she'll be busy.