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1992-08-29 17:41:01 (UTC)

August 1992 (second half)

8/21/1992 Fri. 4:04 AM

Not too much happened today. Andy and I went to get my meds. I got my Theodur and Azmacort, but they say as of Aug. 1st, the state will no longer pay for Alupent. It figures there's got to be some problem for me. The woman there is gonna call Dr. Kareus and see if it can be changed to something similar like Proventil or Ventolin.

I'm really nervous about the results of my pap smear. This bloating stomach of mine, along with the funny feeling in my lower belly and the discharges has been going on too long. It's really obnoxious. I am DES-exposed after all, and I do have a much higher chance of cervical cancer.

I swear that if I ever did need surgery again in my life for something that serious, I'd refuse. I'd rather die first and I still feel there are more reasons to want to drop dead than to live for. There are too many more problems in this world, even though things have improved as far as my living conditions. Too many more fucked up people than good and too many second-best and settlements to live for.

I still feel there's a curse on me and there's still a long way to go to getting food stamps and financial security. Something's out to get me and get me good. It would've sounded crazy to me a long time ago, but now it's rather obvious. So much goes wrong that I didn't deserve. People shit on me I never shit on.

The horriblescopes, as we call them, in the TV guide are always accurate. What I read scared me. I went over to say hi to Fay. She gave me some cups and mugs she no longer wanted and whenever she's got the TV guide I read the horriblescopes. I can remember reading these from TV guides a few years ago and what they said was true. The only thing it was off on was romance cuz it doesn't apply to me. I read the horriblescopes from last Sat. to this Sat. It said to keep isolated and distance myself from people, otherwise, they'll burn me whether I ask for it or not. It was right. The horriblescope from this Saturday to next Saturday was scary, but I figured as much anyway. It said delays and frustrations are right for me now.

Gee, thanks a lot! When is this shit gonna end with food stamps and SS? Taking away my dream of becoming a singer and having lust is enough. Making life one big settlement's enough, but can't I eat and pay my bills?! When it's over, you know it's over, but I can still sense more trouble ahead. Sometimes I wish I would come down with some terminal disease. One that'd wipe me out quickly and painlessly. I doubt there's any such way to go, but I have had just way too much physically and mentally. Why can't I just have one solid year of non-stop happiness and peace? This crap with Rosemarie was one thing. That much I can deal with. I'm so used to it, but give me my God damn food stamps and get SS off my back with their lies and bullshit! That way, settling will be easier and the smaller problems will be more tolerable. I have too many major setbacks which all hit me at once. All can go OK for a while, then I'm hit with several major issues and problems. Space them out and cut them down in size and severity, please God!!

10:30 PM

We're having a thunder and lightning storm which is awesome. We're also having a cool spell. It actually feels cool and very comfortable. It's around 75º but it feels so much cooler. If it were 75º at home, it'd be hot. Probably muggy, too. We do have some humid days here but nothing like back east. Notice how I refer to it as back east, rather than back home. Anyway, it's very dry now and there's a fantastic breeze. I always open my two windows and my sliding glass door when it's windy to air out the place. The storm's over now but before, during and after a storm it's very windy.

Now I see what Andy means when he tells me it does get chilly in the winter. Too chilly to swim and when it gets below 60º it's chilly. It feels cooler than it actually is but when it's 110º, you feel it!

My asthma's doing great. Tomorrow it's supposed to be only 94º! That'll feel like 80º and today they said it was 102º. I slept all day, of course. I think I can stand to turn off my AC tonight, or at least push it way up. I wish I lived on the 2nd floor so I could sleep with my windows open and have more privacy. I'll just keep the blinds down. The girl on the second floor next to Andy's moving out. He's gonna talk to Stacey, the complex manager, about breaking up the $95 transfer fee in payments over the next year. I doubt she'll go for it, but we'll see. I have all the free time in the world so it doesn't bother me. It's something to do.

8/23/1992 Sun. 3:22 AM

I'm watching Little House on the Prairie. The Twin Peaks movie is finally out. It starts on the 28th. It's called Fire Walk With Me.

Last night I thought of a great way to mail letters free with no stamp. You write the address of the person you want it sent to as the return address. Put a phony name and address as the one you're gonna send it to and it'll get sent to the one you want it sent to returned for postage.

I made up a letter for Robert upstairs with some of the hair my dad sent. I also got a new and better letter for Debbie back in Oakwood Knoll with some hair. Next will be Barbara a few months from now. I want to space them out. I also have several others to send mail to in MA. Besides Nervous, Fran and Kim.

When I get a phone I'll contact Jessie collect. If it won't go through, I'll try from a payphone or write her a letter. I also am gonna send Andy a letter. It's got his address as the return one, of course, and Jayke in Chicopee, as who he's sending a letter. He always says he never gets letters anymore since I moved here. It'll be a surprise as I haven't said anything about it.

I've got to stop for something to eat. I'm fucking starving!

3:35 AM

I'm boiling water now to make some noodles.

Earlier I ran into Robert and two of his buddies. He introduced us (I forgot their names) and I joked once again about how I saw him profiled on America's Most Wanted. He laughed and said he saw me on his milk carton. I told him I ran away from Taxachusetts.

We all went to the Jacuzzi and were laughing and telling all kinds of jokes.

He reminded me of our little arrangement and asked if I knew of any girls for him. I told him I didn't and he knew of no one either.

He asked if it was me who made those funny calls and I burst out laughing. He said he knew of some pranks for me and they were all laughing at my calls to him. I told him about the letter and I gave it to him when we got back.

I have to send a letter to Mark next door. Then again, I'd rather send one to Donna. It's been a long time since she's heard from me. I have to try this on my mom and sister, too.

I wonder if my sister's back home now. She said she'd call me when she returned but I have not yet heard from her.

Monday I need to call my bank about my balance. Also, I'll call Peggy Sue at DES (Dept. of Economic Security) about my goddamn mother-fucking food stamps. Will I ever get them? If I don't and what with SS fucking me over, my parents are gonna need to send me around $300 a month. I mean, they're absolutely gonna have to. I can't be evicted and totally starving. So they may have no choice.

I'm managing fairly well to try to keep my fear, anger and anxiety in check and smile and laugh. I'm also nervous about the results of my pap smear and when my parole officer comes to see me. I also want a phone!

Now with no more babysitting jobs except for Kara's baby occasionally and not knowing what the fuck's going on with my money, I better wait on getting a phone. I hate babysitting with a passion but I do need the money. I'm gonna call up Stacey, or go over there and thank her for leading me on, rather than telling me what's going on.

I'm so sick of worrying about money! My stomach problems are worse since I have no choice but to not eat right. I never ate right all the time when I did have food money, but now it's been so long since I've eaten right or enough. Not since last May. What is my purpose in this world? I wanna try to enjoy myself here the best I can without worrying about money, bills and food. And mind my own business, stop being so friendly and stop making friends. Just say hi to people and leave it at that.

I wish I could go to bed now and get up at 1:00. That way I can tan. Tomorrow's gonna be a great day for that at only 94º.

8/24/1992 Mon. 2:10 AM

I am a little anxious now as I've heard on the news Florida's gonna be hit by Hurricane Andrew. It's supposed to be the worst in history. We've been hit here with tropical storm Lester and we've had lots of rain. I guess Miami's gonna get it worse, but they say the coast is always the main target and I'm worried about my folks. No one in this family needs any more shit. We've all had enough and should they lose their home I'd be just as affected. I don't mean to sound selfish, but my pictures and other things of mine are there. Also, I need their help financially. All they need is that crisis on top of what's happening to me now. I'm scared for them and I'm scared for myself. This hurricane is supposed to be worse than Hurricane Hugo in 1989. They've also already estimated 10 billion dollars worth of damage.

Not only do I pray to you God to lift the curse off of me and allow me to be OK real soon money-wise, but leave my parents alone, too! Don't let this hurricane destroy them. What is it I must do to make everything OK? With my parents and with me? If you can hear me up there, please spare my parents and find a way for me to go to the grocery store fast. For a huge shopping order. Please let them send me my food stamps this week. I promise to behave and keep out of trouble if you make sure I have enough food and cash. Also, please let my test results be OK and the visit with my parole officer be OK. Take care of my parents and me in the way that I ask and I will try to be as good as I can and I will keep to myself. Remember how happy I was when I first came here, even though I had a bad vibe? Allow me to feel that again, worry-free with no bad vibes. All I can say is that I've been through too much. Enough is enough and I don't want to "prove" my strength anymore. I miraculously went through the crap I did in CT and with money here and never cut myself. Isn't that enough? Isn't that good enough proof for you? Let me be OK so I can relax and be happy. Free me from worries, fears and anxieties. Take care of my parents. There's nothing else I can say as I've nailed it to the point.

2:49 PM

I'm watching Matlock now and I think I'll go to bed after Oprah. I've been up since 8:00 last night. I hope no one knocks on my door or Robert walks too hard so I can sleep hopefully much later than 8:00.

Starting at 8:00 eastern time I began trying to reach my parents and got no answer. At 9:30 eastern time, I got in touch with Tammy after the line was busy for a while. She'd just spoken to ma and they're fine and so is the island. She did leave on the 1st but they went other places before getting to mom and dad on the 10th. On the way back a suitcase of clothes fell off the top of their van. Dad said the same thing happened on the way down.

I spoke to mom and dad and they're fine.

I do have more to say, but I'll write later. I'm getting very tired.

8/26/1992 Wed. 4:45 AM

Well, I didn't sleep as long as I'd have liked to. I slept till 12:30.

My neighbor, Cliff, who lives above Mark, says he's got the day off tomorrow and can take me to the store. I hope I get my food stamps tomorrow, but I doubt it'll be that soon. Yesterday, though, I did get my food stamp ID card. I hope they're on their way for once, but if not I'll have to use the few dollars I have to get a few things. I need to spare my cash for cigarettes and I hope mom and dad have money on the way.

It seems like 80% of my journals are all about my need for money. Is this how it'll be for the rest of my life? But of all the reasons I can come up with that are not worth living for, this is another one. Who wants to go through life having no food half the time? You don't have to feed a dead person and mom and dad don't have to worry or help a dead person financially. A dead person can't worry about not being a singer. A dead person can't be burned by jerks. A dead person can't want to be with someone.

God, I hate feeling this way! Especially here. It's too beautiful here to have to worry about food and money. I’m glad that it’s gotten much easier these days knowing I cannot have a career as a singer, or the ideal relationship, or a child, but I’d be super, super, super happy if I could eat, pay the rent and bills and have a little left over for fun.

Thank God my parents and their place is OK. Dad says within two months I'll have the rest of my stuff back.

Yesterday I sent out my electric bill and letters to Lisa, Fran and Nervous. I sent out Andy's letter as well as Debbie’s letter. I also had junk mail with no-postage-necessary envelopes. I've sent in Debbie's request for a jewelry catalog as well as for a Visa card. In a few months, Barbara will get a letter. Meanwhile, whenever I have a no-postage-necessary envelope for whatever, I'll send it to Barb and Debbie along with various other people. I have to get a letter out to Mark, Tammy and my parents next.

7 AM

I am dead tired today. I didn't even sleep 8 hours and wish I’d slept a few hours later. Once I'm up, though, I'm up. I'll just feel groggy all day. What would really perk me up would be to get my food stamps today, go shopping, come back and go swimming and work on my tan.

I spoke to Ellie and Fay briefly yesterday. As usual, Ellie started off cheerful, then she got crabby.

I helped Fay fill out a form for her yearly food stamp review. I left her alone in the apartment for a few minutes to go tell Mark I'd get a ride from someone else (he was drinking) and she stepped out saying she'd be right back. I hope she didn't steal anything which I haven't discovered yet. You know how paranoid I am about that. I also do a damn good job of attracting people like that.

I very quickly spoke to Stephanie and Angel yesterday. Angel's sister Grace has gone back to Idaho where they're from and now another sister of hers is here. I guess her name's Bonnie. On my way out of the pool area, Angel asked me how things were going. I told her I'd be friendly and say hi, she's never done me wrong, but I'm being cautious and keeping my mouth shut. I told her thanks for her concern, she's a nice person, but I've been burned twice unfairly. I'm keeping to myself.

I also met two really nice girls who are roommates named Tara and Tonya. I met each one once before. They both have cute faces and medium-length hair blond hair. Tara's a little heavy and Tonya has a very nice figure.

Tara says she plays the keyboards and they both want to get together with me. Once again, they all seem nice in the beginning, so I really hope they don't pursue my friendship. I don't think they'll really bother seeking me out. They seem fairly stable and not the type to do such things. I have no idea how open-minded they may or may not be, but they seem like the dumpers, more than the dumpees.

The maintenance man came and fixed my bathroom faucet which dripped. He also moved my underwear almost behind the toilet but left my shorts and tank top where they were. I gave him permission to come in if I wasn't here and I guess males are always males no matter what. I shouldn’t have left the clothes there either. The maintenance men stare me down all the time. They're shabby scabby Mexicans. The exact type that would stare me down. I gave a show on my patio the other day. I pretended to be fighting with someone in my apartment.

I got some more CDs in the mail. That was fast.

When I go to the store, it'll be after the mail gets here, but I doubt my food stamps will come today. Fay said Friday or Saturday, but I hope sooner.

8:10 AM

I just spoke to Mark briefly, then went into the Jacuzzi.

Fay was on the pay phone and I headed over to Ellie's for coffee but she was asleep. I could see her in bed through the side of her blinds.

I borrowed Andy's vacuum yesterday and I woke him up. Well, I didn't, his door did. He's got a very squeaky door. Sometime today, I'm gonna vacuum my bathroom and kitchen after I scrub them down.

At 9 AM I'm gonna watch a talk show.

8/27/1992 Thurs. 5 AM

Yesterday my food stamps came! I was so psyched and I literally cried tears of relief. Angel's husband Brian took me to the store cuz Andy was asleep at the time. Once I finished shopping and was in the checkout line, I saw Andy at the courtesy desk. He ran over to the thrift store, then brought me back. It feels so great to finally have a full refrigerator and full cabinets. I will now eat quite well.

Andy and I spoke yesterday at his place. He was very upset with the people who are supposed to fix his car.

He also said several things Fay and Ellie said that were bullshit. I'm so sick of Ellie's delusions and moods. Her mood changes every 5 minutes and the woman is a nut.

Also, I've been catching Fay in more and more lies that are just adding up too much. I also know she was the one who lied to Rosemarie and Rick and got them to come over here. She said that if she did, it was her business. Yeah, well they really made it my business too, though, in the end, she did me a favor.

Andy told me other lies that he said he knew were lies. He also says he thinks Fay's jealous cuz I'm tiny and she's a 270-pound bitch. Also, she said she was gonna dump me (to Andy) and Andy feels she doesn't want me to have any friends. She won on that one, cuz I'm not gonna have many friends.

I went over to her place and told her I'll dump her and do the job for her. I told her how I feel and that she and Ellie cannot have a 24-hour-a-day friendship with me. They said they understood my schedule's crazy, but naturally, they contradicted themselves on that one.

I'm tired of both their games and attitudes and I told them both I no longer want anything to do with either of them.

Andy says all this is still worth meeting people. What, does he want to get hurt? And see others get stepped on? I'm sorry, but I have self-respect and if I allowed myself "friends" like them I wouldn't be a true friend to myself. Hey, that's what happens when you lie. You do lose friends. True friends don't do the things they’ve done.

I'll write more later. I need a smoke now.

7 AM

I got up last night at 2 AM. I'd have preferred to sleep till 4:00 or 5:00, but at least I have food and cigarettes.

I washed my hair and I'm gonna make sure I don't get it in the pool today. When I go tanning I'll put it up. I got some good color yesterday and I want to get more today. The only obnoxious problem is that I get a heat rash. Heat rash and break out with lots of little itchy bumps that look like thousands of zits. Mainly on my chest, stomach, thighs, and a little on my shoulders.

So far in the 3 months I've been here, or almost 3 months, I've been stabbed in the back and dumped by two people, and I dumped one liar and 1 nut job. Real good, huh?

Every time I want to be left alone and ignored, there's somebody else there. Do I have a sign on me that says: Be my friend and real nice at first, then dump me or give me a good reason to dump you?

I was in the pool on my raft when some girl called out hi to me as if she knew me. She spoke more than I did and we discussed many things. Mainly about Arizona, other places and people. She told me she studied a lot about human behavior and when she mentioned her very good job as a children's protective worker and all about the school, it scared me. Her job's no match for one on disability and once again, just cuz I know I'm not stupid and I know myself, am happy with who and how I am, know my feelings, and I don't need her coming down on me. She didn't, though my head was saying not to talk to her. My heart was saying don't prejudge her by others, wait till she does something. I told her this up front too, and that I’ve had a lot of problems with some of the people there.

Well, she's OK as a pool buddy. Then again, I wonder if pool buddies are a cool idea. When they fuck me over, I'm gonna want to go to the pool and I'd appreciate not having to see them or know they're there. Makes me wanna puke when I see Donna or Rosemarie and now Fay and Ellie.

Tonya wasn't at the pool but Tara was. She wrote down her number which I never asked for. There are 3 things I could do, and I don't know which one I should do. One, I could go over there and say nothing. Two, I could tell them I'm gay, accept it or leave it without changing their minds later on down the road. Three, ignore them. God, do I hate this! What do I do?

8/28/1992 Fri. 6:30 AM

I got up at around 3 AM and now I am eagerly waiting for the pool to open. It won't be open till 8:00, said maintenance. I have my sliding door open and my windows. My ceiling fan's on.

Every morning the maintenance guys go around the grounds collecting garbage with these tong-like things. They do various other stuff too, like repairs in apartments, painting, cleaning the grills and taking care of the pools and the grounds. Monday mornings suck. That's when they mow the lawns.

While I was asleep, Kara left a note on my door. She wants to know if I'll babysit Ashley next Tuesday. God knows I don't want to, but I will to help my friend and earn a little money.

It amazes me that I never heard her knock.

Fay came over with a peace offering. A little table for my patio. We had a good talk and I told her how I felt. She is a nice person, she's funny, she's helped me and cheered me up, but if there are any more lies, I'll end it with her permanently with no peace offerings. She promised me that if she has anything to say about me, she'll come say it to me.

I haven't really seen Ellie and I don't miss her. I think I'll only be able to handle her if I see her very occasionally.

I got more color yesterday at the pool but I have this obnoxious itchy heat rash.

I didn't see Sue at the pool, the girl I just met who works for the children's protective services. Instead, I saw Angel, Brian, Bonnie, Stephanie and Tara.

At 11:00 I had gone to Tara's to tell her the truth, but there was no answer. She said maybe she was in the shower as she's home all day unless she's got errands.

Fay gave me good advice. She said to go over, be honest, tell them the truth and what happened with Rosemarie. Fay said to tell them to make up their minds and keep them made up. Don't go jerking me from one extreme to another and contradict themselves as Rosemarie did.

So, while I was using the grill I saw Tara at the pool. I told her I must be honest with her up front and she's to take it or leave it. When I told her she laughed, saying she thought I was gonna tell her some big horrible thing, like I killed someone. She said her aunt's gay and she and Tonya both had gay friends back in Colorado.

I told her I'd stop by her place sometime today. I'll go see Kara also.

When Robert came down to go to school, he said to let him know if I find a black wallet. I asked if it was finder’s keeper. He said there was no money in it. Only his driver's license. Oh well.

I'm waiting for Mark to come out to go to school. I'm gonna pounce all over him. I'll write about that one later. Now I've got to have a bite to eat while I'm waiting for Mark and waiting for the pool to open. I need a good swim to wake me up.

8/29/1992 Sat. 10 AM

I just polished my toenails and I'm writing while they dry.

Mark next door is occasionally fun to be around, but overall I’ve come to hate him. His attitude stinks and he hates the whole world. All he can do is rank on my friends, talk about sex and pressure me about getting stoned with him. So, yesterday when he knocked on my door to go swimming, I said I'd go and decided to turn the tables around. I reminded him of how he said he likes aggressive women who dish back to him what he dishes out. After all, I do give what I get. So, I started pressuring him into things I know he’s not into and ranking on all his friends. He said he no longer has any friends cuz they moved. I really gave it to him good at the pool. It was fun for both of us and when I said something that wasn't too funny in his opinion, he pretended to laugh anyway.

10:40 AM

I didn't see Fay or Andy yesterday but Kara left a note on my door. They're moving next Tuesday and I'm gonna babysit Ashley. Not that I'm looking forward to it, but it's helping a friend while earning a little money.

Robert has his cousin visiting from Santa Fe. Luckily I woke up at 6:00 as at 8:00 he was running around up there to get the place cleaned up. It would've woken me up if I were sleeping and I'd have been pissed. His cousin's getting up tomorrow at 6:00 and he says he's a gorilla. I told him he better not be or I'll be a gorilla. I have a right to my schedule, too.

I had a great time yesterday with Tara and Tonya. So far they're super nice for such good-looking girls. We talked about all kinds of things and they're definitely very open-minded and accepting of me.

Tara's an awesome artist! She showed me an awesome airbrush painting she did and Tonya's done some modeling. She showed me portfolios and several pictures and they were beautiful.

Their apartment is gorgeous. They have a 2-bedroom and there are also 2 bathrooms. One bathroom is just like mine and the bedroom's the same size as mine. That's the one Tonya has.

Tara's room is huge and her bathroom's big, too. She has a sliding glass door off of her bedroom that goes out to the patio along with the sliding glass door off the living room.

They each have their own car so they told me to let them know if I've got to go anywhere.

I showed them my place and my drawings, too. Tara's drawings make mine look sick, though. I also showed them all the pictures Andy took. You know, the ones my mom flipped out about.

I had begun to tell them stuff about themselves I shouldn't know. I thought, oops! I was afraid I'd freak them out, so I explained it to them. They thought it was so neat. They said they always wanted to meet someone like that and that they wish they could do that.

Well, there's so much more to write, but I need to lie down for a little bit.

8/30/1992 Sun. 4:35 PM

Well, now I have to wait another month or so before I can lie out in the sun. I have this hideous sun poisoning. It's an itchy rash all over that looks like lots of reddish zits. What a bummer, huh? Just when I'm beginning to really tan. I spoke to dad earlier and he said to wear a T-shirt till it cools down.

He also said he called SS and for me to tell them to take a little at a time. I have 30 days to talk to them or ask for another waiver form, even though that'll do no good. He said that September's check will be the full $426 as they can't touch it till they send me a letter stating how much they're gonna take per month. The whole thing is so stupid. They're doing this cuz I didn't tell them sooner that I'd be moving.

All states are different as far as what they pay. New York and Massachusetts are the highest. Connecticut's lower and Arizona's nothing as far as SSI goes.

There's a special edition of Unsolved Mysteries coming on, so I want to get a bite to eat. During commercials, I'll write.

8/31/1992 Mon. 12:15 PM

I'm on my patio which is very well-shaded. We need a massive thunder and lightning storm.

I went down to check the mail but there was nothing. I hear if any day he's late, it's Mondays. I'll go check again in an hour.

I called for my test results and it still shows that I have a bacterial infection. Now I have to use a cream that's been called in. That's bad enough that I always have one fucking infection after another. What's a whole lot worse is that in two months I must have another pap smear! No way. Those things are too painful. The nurse said to see if I can bring someone with me. Yeah, right. Get real. Like anyone cares?

I also called the phone company and found out two new things today. One is that I can get a letter of credit from CT to waive the $170 deposit. Two is I don't have to pay $5 a month for long-distance blocks.

I will go talk to Tara later about her taking me to Hatcher St. with the form I had my doctor fill out. After I show them a rent receipt, proof of income and all that crap, they send the form to someone else. They're the ones who either approve it or deny it. I have a feeling this is gonna take forever and I'll be waiting there for 3 hours just like at the food stamp office. Also, one worker says you need to make an appointment, another says they don't make appointments. That's typical, huh?

I hope Andy can take me to Goot's pharmacy. I'm so glad I was switched from Alupent to Proventil. I like it so much better cuz I get less of a pounding and racing heartbeat and I don't have to use it as often. My asthma's improved so much and today was the first day in years I did not have to take my Proventil when I woke up! I always used to have to take the Alupent or Proventil when I'd first wake up, but today's the first day in years where I didn't have to! I only took my Theodur and the Azmacort which are preventions, not meant to be taken whenever you feel like it. The Alupent and Proventil are the ones you take as needed to wipe out the wheezing instantly unless it's so bad that you must go to the ER.

I think I will go and check the mail now, then go for a swim. I hope I've got a letter from Kim or somebody.

2 PM

As usual, I didn't get any mail at all. I think UPS will come tomorrow, rather than today.

I've spoken to Tara and Tonya a few times and we've had some really good talks. Tara said she appreciates having a woman around to talk to.

I'm gonna bring them my manicuring books and also an extra pair of scissors they mentioned needing. Then I'll see when it's convenient for Tara to take me to Hatcher St. I'm gonna have to wait till around the 15th, though. That's when I can get a current rent receipt.

In the meantime, you know my rule. I've made the first move, now let them come to me. I sort of want to quit while I'm ahead and not see them too often to avoid problems just like I don't see Kara every day. But Kara is a good friend and I do like her.

I'm gonna see if Andy wants to pay for us to go see the Twin Peaks movie, Fire Walk With Me. I'll pay him back my share in food stamps if he wants.

The other day was so funny when Stephanie saw me coming to the pool with Tara and Tonya. She grinned and winked at me. I told Tara and Tonya that she was gay too and that I think she thinks we're together. They laughed and thought that was funny. I told Stephanie alone, that they're really nice and that they're roommates who just moved in. I told her I doubted anything would happen, but I'd keep her posted.

That was the day I played volleyball in the pool with Sue, Steve, Robert, his cousin and a few others. It was lots of fun and Kara, Tara and Tonya were shocked at how many people I know around here.

Andy and Steph were talking about Tara and Tonya and Andy says Steph really likes me as a friend. That's cool. I like her too.

A few days ago, due to Kara's helping me, I gave her some cigarettes and made her, Ashley and myself a hot dog. We had lots of fun swimming, too. I put on my nose clips that time so I could go underwater and use both hands to do somersaults and handstands. Whenever I'd do a backflip, my hair would be in my face. It was really goofy looking and the look on Ashley's face was so funny. I'm gonna go grab my nose clips and see if they're home and want to go swimming now.

3:30 PM

I went over to Kara’s and we all went swimming. You can tell Ashley's getting to know me and recognizes me. Hopefully, she won't be so fussy tomorrow when I babysit her. Kara's mom got her a playpen for $5 at a yard sale. She's gonna bring it over tomorrow which is great. That way I won't have to be chasing her all over.

I now see Fay heading towards the other pool.

Last night, there was a knock on my door and it was Ellie. She goes, "Grab a cough of cuppee and…"

I cut her off saying I was busy and then I shut my door on her.

Today's the kids’ first day back to school. Man, was this always a depressing day for me! Any miserable times as an adult sure beats my childhood. What a miserable kid I was. I hated school, and when I wasn't in school I'd have to deal with my mom. Or Brattleboro and Valleyhead.

My nieces start school this Wednesday. Lisa's excited, so thank God at least she enjoys school.

Tammy told me they'd get a letter out to me as soon as they get situated. I've got to get a letter out to Tammy and mom and dad. I have Sarah's b-day card ready. I can't remember if she's gonna be 2 or 3. Becky's 5 and Lisa's 9.

I can't wait till my family can come see me. I really do miss all of them and I'm dying to show off where I live and how happy I am.

Oh, guess what happened yesterday? When I went over to see Andy he asked, "Have you any idea why the Norwich police dept. would call at 5:11 in the morning?"

At first, I couldn't think of any reason, then I remembered my letter to Debbie. The way I see it, it's my constitutional right, there was nothing threatening or sexual. Just very very strange, but I'll write no more letters to her. I told Andy to just ignore the call and that if he got a call and he didn't recognize the voice and they asked for me, to say there's no Jodi there. I mean, what the hell are they gonna do about a letter that makes no sense with a few pieces of hair in it?

Going for another swim now!

6:45 PM

I am out on my patio now and I have been in such a good mood. Since I moved here I have had so many happy days despite the money problems. I wish I moved here a long time ago. I have had more happy days since June 9th than I've had in years. After being miserable for so long, I really appreciate being so happy now. It feels great. It also feels great to have my asthma be so much better.

Tomorrow marks two special anniversaries for me. One is that 7 years ago I began losing 40 pounds. Two is that it’s been 3 years with no Navane. I knew as well as other supportive and understanding people that I didn't need any drugs. I needed a life with good people who were willing to deal with me, let me be myself and be there for me during my good and not-so-good times. No drug can replace what I have now, even though I'd still like to be a singer.

When I last went to the pool, Andy came in for a swim and we had a nice talk. We admired the beauty around us and compared it to back east. Here everything's so new, cheap and beautiful. Back east everything's old, dumpy and expensive.

There's been an awesome breeze out and we're due for a storm, I hear.

Andy and I made burgers and hotdogs on the grill. It took forever to get it lit cuz it was so windy. We also made collect calls from the payphone. He's coming over in an hour or so and we're gonna play cards.

I'm getting tired now, so if we do get a storm and he wants to go drive on top of the mountain, I don't think I'll go. I told him I would, but now I really am starting to tire down. I got up at 7:30.

I think I'll go to the Jacuzzi now and later I'll write about Tara. I really really like her!

7:45 PM

It's dark now and I'm on my patio. But I have my light on just inside my sliding glass door so I have plenty of light.

I went into the Jacuzzi a little while ago, then went to see Tara, but there was no answer.

Andy may have fallen asleep by now as he's been up so long. I'm getting tired myself now so I'll finish tomorrow.

9:11 PM

I hope I get my package tomorrow!

Tara's gonna take me to Goot's, then I gotta be back by 3:00 at least so I can babysit.

Even though Kara's moving two minutes away, I wish she wasn't.

I met another girl who lives above Kara who's also named Kara, but she prefers to use Linda which is her middle name. I've seen her boyfriend around several times as well as her.

I saw Sue today, too. Also, Stacey. Not Kara's sister, but the other one who I couldn't figure out why she left me hanging. Her son was in the hospital with pneumonia for 4 days and she hasn't gone out cuz he's still not quite over it. I told her to let me know if she needs me.

Andy was so funny at the pool earlier when we were cooking and on the pay phone. I had my suit on under my skirt which I took off to go for a swim. He put it on and started dancing around. Two people I didn't know, along with Tara and Kara were cracking up. Then Paula was on her way around the corner showing apartments to people when I yelled out to him that she was coming. He quickly slipped it off, thanking me for the warning. Then says, "And these are the people that live here." We were laughing our asses off, then I went and had a nice talk with Tara. I really do like her and I'm glad we met, but I'll write all about her another time.