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1992-08-09 17:40:48 (UTC)

August 1992 (first half)

8/10/1992 Mon. 3:30 PM

A lot has happened in the last 10 days. Both good and not-so-good. I still feel so much happier than I ever have in eons, so that's worth a lot to me.

Believe it or not, I am now babysitting an 11-month-old boy named Justin. So far he is very well-behaved. Totally the opposite of my niece Sarah who was always crying and fussy. Justin is quite calm and has not cried or broken anything. Right now he is drinking his bottle and I've got CDs playing.

Andy came over earlier and he's gone to the store now to get a few things for both of us.

The food stamps are history and even though I know I'm eligible and by law, they can't deny me, they have by jerking me around and playing with my head. I filled out a second application and they were supposed to call me with an appointment and they never did. Then, they went ahead and told me they'd send a phone appointment in the mail to do an interview over the phone. That was bullshit, too. If they were gonna give me food stamps they'd have given me them by now. Anything they say, I don't buy, as they've lied to me only about 10 times. They say one thing and then another. They bullshit me by saying they misplaced my application and all kinds of things like that.

I had put ads up in the laundry rooms letting people know I was available for housekeeping and babysitting. Justin lives with his mother, Stacey, who doesn’t live here. Her sister Kara does, though, with her own 8-month-old daughter, Ashley, and their mother. I guess Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 2:00-8:00, I'll be babysitting and possibly Saturdays, too. I could be making $130 a month and $160 if I babysit on a Saturday.

I'm hungry, so I wish Andy would hurry up and get here.

Last night I left an old letter from Bob on Mark's door. I wonder if I'll hear about that. Of course, I'll be playing dumb and trying not to laugh if I do.

I have several other things to write about later about Rosemarie, Fay and Ellie.

8 PM

Justin slept from 5:00-6:30. When he awoke he was crying and still is. So much for this being a peaceful kid. Stacey should be here in a half an hour and boy, I can't wait to hit the pool!

I've got to do Ellie's laundry tonight and mine, too.

8/11/1992 Tues. 2:50 AM

Tonight Reasonable Doubts will be on. Thank God the Olympics are over. Of course, it's a repeat but Marlee Matlin's worth it. Someone will surely knock on my door but I won't answer it. Ellie, Fay or Mark next door will knock. Mark and his friends get drunk and stoned and have nothing to discuss but sex. I’m getting really sick of it, too.

Guess what I found on my door while I was out last week? A card from Ray M, a parole officer. I called the number and asked why I was on parole when I've never been to prison. I'm on probation, not parole, but I guess that cuz I came from another state, this is how they do it. Maybe I'll call his office tomorrow. Or maybe he'll come here.

Andy had a great week back home. He enjoyed the beach and his cottage after so many years. He saw the Mandells and Charlotte. Supposedly the Mandells are friends with his family, and Andy's aunt Joyce got permission to park in the Mandell's driveway. Then someone supposedly overheard Charlotte saying, “Let's get this car towed.”

Why? After so many years, I wouldn't even bother starting shit like that. Why can't people let dead dogs lie? I never realized Charlotte was that vindictive and was such a grudge-holder. I've also been told my folks and Charlotte and Jim had some kind of falling out a few years back and are no longer buddies. What else is new? No friendships seem to last any more than relationships. Is this why they live 90 miles away from each other? Aunt Ruth and Uncle Marty live an hour away, too.

Andy told Char how I love it here and have met lots of people. He said she said that's good as she heard I had a hard time in CT.

Yeah, I'm sure you did, Char! I'm sure you heard all about it and so much more, thanks to Dureen’s big mouth.

Well, I always knew I was the most talked-about member of my family. That is, regardless of how much is true, blown out of proportion, or total bullshit.

Andy's friend Brian thought of a great name for Connecticut. We're so shocked we never thought of it - Connecticunt. When I first met Nervous he told me two great names. Ofelia Cunt and Ivan Cutchacokoff.

During Andy's trip back east, Nervous and I had a great talk. The best chats we've ever had and I fully believe he'll come visit me someday when he's got the money and time off from work. He'd come out to visit me long before he'd write a letter. I've gotten no letters from anyone. Not my nieces, Tammy, Kim, Bob, Fran or my folks.

I spoke to Fran and Bob, but I wonder if Tammy's heard anything about Barbara and Debbie's collect calls? Oh well. Neither of them has yet to get letters from me. I'd like to wait a while till they think I'm long gone out of their lives. Their letters, of course, will have no threats or anything sexual. They just won’t make much sense and will be very confusing.

I have the talks with Nervous and tons of stuff on tape which I gotta edit and edit down. Even Fay spoke to Nervous. First I must edit before I edit down. If you take a 20-minute conversation and the first 10 minutes are boring and erase it, you could be throwing away a few good edits, at least. This is why I edit, then edit down, omitting any boring parts.

8/13/1992 Thurs. 11:45 PM

Now, I'm going to write about several things before I get very backed up again. I have several things to write about so I may jump from subject to subject as I remember things. Sometimes I find it's better to write something right away before I forget.

The major topics are Ellie, Rosemarie, Fay and babysitting.

Then there are little things like Ray, the parole officer. He's going on vacation now for two weeks and he'll drop by when he returns.

Yesterday I had my unexpected phone interview with a lady at food stamps. Just when I was about to give up after being jerked around for 3 months the notice came in the mail. Know why it took so long? It had been returned to them for postage. That's welfare for you!

I still have lots of editing and editing down to do. Also, letter writing, and coloring the poster Fay gave me.

I got a couple of packages from mom and dad. The other two chairs to my table which are out on my patio, more tanning oil, lotion, napkins, toilet paper, paper towels, baggies, garbage bags, a nice shirt with a floral pattern that fit perfectly, and some coupons. There were 3 small notepads with Barbie on the cover.

Also, a bag with a glob of hair in which dad taped a note saying, Jodi, I got a haircut, dad. I know it's not his hair cuz this hair was brown. If it was his hair, he'd be bald due to the amount that was there. It's cute anyway and when I get my hair trimmed, now that I can afford to have Velma trim it, I'll send some their way.

I got a $10 bill along with dad's letter today.

The evening of the 11th I called Florida collect from Andy's phone while he was out at bingo. I spoke to mom, dad and Tammy. The girls and Bill, who I don't miss, were staying in someone else's place. I could've spoken to the girls, but I'll write to them.

Tammy said she and Lisa sent out a letter before they left, but I never got it.

Tammy originally told me she left on the 1st. Before, she thought she'd be around during Andy's week at the beach and she was gonna join him there. Dad said in his letter she was to arrive on the 10th so obviously, she was afraid to tell me. Maybe she decided she didn't want to visit Andy and thinks I'll be upset knowing she was there when he was. As you know I wrote in a previous entry how glad I was they wouldn't get together so they wouldn't talk too much when I wouldn’t be around to defend myself. If she had really left on the 1st and mailed me a letter before going to Florida, I'd have gotten it by now. If she left on the 10th and mailed it the day before, I should get it tomorrow or the next day.

If everything I just wrote is true and is really what happened, and I do believe I'm right on the money, Tammy will be shocked. I'll catch her off guard and she'll be like, gee, how'd she figure all this out? Maybe she is too smart to fool.

8/14/1992 Fri. 12:40 AM

Two days ago was my parent’s anniversary and I asked dad, when I spoke to them on the phone, how many years it’s been. Dad said 41 years and I said, "Wow, 41 years with the same person!"

Dad said, "Yeah, I gotta get used to it."

Ma said, "And almost 27 years with the same daughter."

Well, at least I got one thing in my favor over Tammy. She's been Tammy's mom 8 years longer than mine.

Who can I send the hair I got to? There's enough to send to a few people. I'll mail Nervous dad's letter and perhaps mail Bob's letter to either Rosemarie or Donna. It was the same letter I stuck on Mark's door.

When you're just hanging around talking to Mark, he's a good guy. If he's drinking or with his friends, they're all weird together.

I took an old address book over and asked him if he knew anything about it. I said I found it by my door. I did it cuz he never asked me about the letter. I knew this would bring up the subject and it did. He said it had his name in it, along with Michelle's (some chick he screws), and he read it and had no idea what the hell it was. I asked him if I could have it to play a joke on Andy. Sure, he said.

I don't know Rosemarie's or Rick's last name, but I sure wish I knew that along with their phone number and Ellie's. I'll get Ellie's eventually.

One of Mark's friends says he's moving back to Texas and he may give me a small table for my porch. It'll be nice to do my writing out there once the weather cools off and becomes more bearable. I don't know. You know I never buy anything unless I see it. I may eventually buy a medium-sized color TV for $25 from Mark. We'll see.

I still have so much writing to do even though I've got tons of other stuff to do. I want to get letters out to Tammy, Becky and Lisa so they'll all have them when they get home. I guess they'll be home on the 20th, according to Tammy.

Because I slept till 3:30 PM, I'll be up till around 9 AM and I'll only get a few hours of sleep. I want to get up and call the bank to inquire about my balance and also I must get on with my tan. I promised to be very dark by now and I'm not. It's hard to keep patient about it and tolerate the heat. It'll be about 107º tomorrow. I think in a month or two from now, it'll be much easier to tolerate tanning.

Even though I will be exhausted, at least I can make money under the table, at home. The hard part tomorrow will be pulling myself up out of bed. If I can just do that at noon, take my meds, and have coffee, I can lie down, close my eyes and relax at the pool. I'll take my Walkman which has fresh batteries. Andy took it to use on the plane and he put new batteries in it. I still have to get batteries for my wall clocks here. Once you put them in, they last forever. My flashlight will need some, too.

So, the only stressful part of tomorrow is chasing the kid all over here trying to keep him out of my stuff, but at least I'll be paid tomorrow. The first day he was OK and he took a nap for an hour and a half. When he woke up he cried for an hour or so. The last time the little beast cried for 3 hours. I couldn't shut it up and I have no idea in hell how people do it on a regular basis whether they're single or not. It's not worth it and it makes me wonder how and why I wanted one for a while. First, there's the physical part of it. The morning sickness, the labor, delivery, being forever fatter, and the baby blues. Then there's the screaming and crying while you never can sleep and are tied down unable to go anywhere while they trash your place and cost thousands and thousands of dollars.

Well, it is at home, under the table. I need the money and it's not my kid. I told Stacey that I'll only take him from 4 PM-8:30 PM, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I'll do a very occasional Saturday. It'll be around $130 a month and they'll be paying me weekly. She said it's $30 a week no matter what unless I do more than that. This week I'll get a bit more.

When Andy came back he said, "Remember your $150 debt with me? Well, that's over now.” Now he's paying me around $40 monthly to clean.

My food stamps will be about $111 whenever the hell they get here. The lady there is sending me a form to sign and I must send her a rent receipt and a copy of the electric bill. That was only $55 this month. I have a doctor’s appointment next Wednesday at 4:45 PM, and I'll bring that phone form to him.

I'm no longer cleaning for Ellie as she's a sorry, bitchy paranoid nut with a million problems. She goes on and on for hours complaining about this and that. She says she's gonna die and that there are 5 organizations after her. She's another one who goes back on her word and says I never said things I really did say. First, she swore she could afford to pay me $100 a month to clean for her and now she's sorry she said that. Her son needs her money yet her son hates her and never comes to see her. She bitches and complains about how I clean and she's always argumentative. One minute she'll apologize for being a bitch, then she's bitchy all over again.

Dave, the security guard and I were laughing about some of her delusions. The things she hears and sees. GI Joe, the physician, management putting petroleum through her vents to kill her like a cockroach along with those 5 organizations. She really is funny and you can have a field day playing with her head at the pool. You just wouldn't want her at your apartment and you wouldn't want to clean hers. Every so often I'll go over to her place to play with her head.

I need to take my meds, eat and have some coffee. Maybe listen to music, too.

2:45 AM

I've got to ask Andy to take me to the Metro Mall so I can buy more journals. I spoke to Kim who swears she's sending me a blank journal she has, a letter and some blanks to make her funny tapes with. Edits, the complex argument, and other conversations with Bob and I.

She also says that next year she wants to travel across the country and she'll see me when she does.

I guess Mark's moving out but she's not sure if she's staying there on Elm St. She said she'll let me know if she moves and I told her that I'll mail her my number when I get a phone.

I still have other odds and ends I must buy. Like a pail for the kitchen, and I once saw a $14 electric typewriter at the thrift store that I’d like. As soon as I get money saved, I'm going shopping! If I got an electric typewriter, then mom and dad could keep my portable one and not bother to ship it. It isn't the greatest typewriter. You have to really slam the keys down and my fingers always fall through the keys. Between them, I mean, and I cut my fingers. Electric ones have a closed keyboard.

I still haven't contacted Jessie, Paula or Jai. I sent Jai a wacky letter and maybe I'll write him a serious one, one of these days. Maybe try to get ahold of Jessie by calling her collect from Andy's phone. She'll accept the charges. I wonder if Steve moved and if he's made any attempts to contact me. I'm sure Ann Marie has tried calling. Ha, ha to her! Bet she never thought I’d up and disappear and blow her off!

I am definitely no longer open to any new friendships whatsoever. I'll keep Fay for now but I must stop being so friendly. If someone starts chatting with me at the pool, I'm just gonna be like yeah, yeah, yeah, till they get the message and screw off. People are so fucked in the head and I really do hate them. The same old pattern goes on where I'm either the dumper or the dumpee.

If I didn't dump Ellie, she'd have stuck to me like glue forever. All I get are the metal cases while the so-called "better" people dump me. Same old shit. I keep to myself more and more cuz I'm tired of running around dumping people and getting dumped. Also, being dumped on by those that I dump or am dumped by. Rosemarie helped to continue to reinforce it in my head along with Donna and so many other queen snobs and mental cases.

Now for the Rosemarie story which is typical of what I get. Especially from a girl who's gorgeous and has a good job. She works for some lawyer. She's the ultimate attraction and she's doing OK financially and emotionally as far as I can see on the surface. She's the opposite of the Nervous, Fran and Ellie's I get with no problem. She's been steady with Rick but they do have their fights like every couple. I am not in the least bit shocked over what happened. I left off by saying how great my visits were at their place. They made me feel very accepted and welcomed. They said not to think they felt anything less about me cuz I'm gay. Their place was always open to me. They seemed so open and we laughed, joked and had nice talks. Rosemarie said don't worry about other people being so snobby due to my getting SS. Oh, and she knows what I'm going through.

Does she? When has she ever gotten SS? She has a good job.

After two weeks went by where they seemed to be avoiding me, I caught Rosemarie alone at the pool. I walked up to her and said, "OK, what did I do?"

She said, "You didn't do anything, but I'm not going to lie to you. We're kind of religious and I thought about it and I decided I don't want to have your type around."

Can you believe how quickly people change? From white to black, instantly. And doesn’t religion teach people to accept everybody as they are? I’ve heard that they do, but then others say it bashes gays. Either way, what’s religion got to do with what we’re attracted to? It shouldn’t matter.

I pointed out that she said the direct opposite; that my gayness wasn’t a problem, and she said that she thought about it after I left.

I wondered if Rick may’ve influenced her. I always got the feeling that he was the type to boss her around.

I asked if we could talk about it and she said she'd rather not. At that point, I said what I had to say anyway. I said, “As far as I'm concerned, any prejudiced person is insecure with themselves. Why do you want people to be just like you? Can't you be around different types of people? Why throw away good people over who they sleep with? And what's religion have to do with who you're sexually attracted to?”

I called her a lying, contradicting, backstabbing bitch and she was silent the whole time I spoke and never said another word. Then, Stephanie and her new roommate Harriett came into the pool as the other pool was closed. I'll pick up the story from there another time. My hand is killing me.

8/15/1992 Sat. 1:06 AM

I don't think I'll write too much tonight as I am kind of tired. That's good, though.

I got another job from another girl here named Stacey. This job seems like it oughta be better than babysitting for Justin. By the way, she's from Taxachusetts, too. Haverhill, which is about a half-hour from Boston. She says she's very flexible and I will be working at night for her. She may need me to clean and babysit her 13-month-old son on Saturday nights when she goes out. She works for MCI and has very little free time so she goes out on Saturday nights usually from 7 PM - 1 AM.

Soon I can get a phone and do some very serious shopping. Andy and I did go to the mall earlier and I bought 3 new journals. I also got cigarettes and some ice cream.

I hope I fall asleep by 3:00 and can get up at 11:00 or noon. I need my tan back!

8/17/1992 Mon. 2:32 AM

I can't sleep so I figured now's a good time to write. I still have some updating to do. Well, my sister's 35 now. I guess she, Bill and the girls will be home in a few days. I sent out a letter to Becky and now I've got to get one out to Lisa, Tammy and my parents.

When in the hell will I get the rest of my picture collection sent to me?

Stacey, Justin's mom, got fired from her job last Monday. She still says she and her husband will need a regular babysitter. She says she'll let me know when she needs me to babysit. The other Stacey said that too, and I hope they both hurry the hell up. I need the money. I swear God's out to starve me! He just doesn't want me eating on a normal and regular basis. But why? I still don't believe I'll ever get food stamps till I see it. It's been 3 months now. Why are they doing this to me? Last Friday I got the form to sign from the woman who did my phone interview. I signed it and enclosed a rent receipt and my electric bill stub. I mailed it out that day. I’ve done all that’s required of me, yet for all I know, they'll wait another 3 months. Even a whole month is too long unless I can babysit.

I learned how to use the grills here, which is easy. Very convenient, too. No dirty frying pan to clean after I make a hamburger.

I ran into Ellie that night and I played with her head a bit and teased her. She also trimmed my hair at midnight on the 16th. I had her take off 2", trim my bangs, and blend my antlers, as I call them, to make it look better as it grows out. She did a very nice job and of course, my hair is now in shock. If you only trim your hair once or twice a year, it will go into shock. It appears 3 or even 4 inches shorter, but the great thing about it is, is that in only a week it'll be back where it was. Then, it'll fly. I mean, it'll grow so fast. When my birthday comes, I'll be sitting on it without having to put my head back. It's still very very very curly. Spirally curly. When I pull the curls straight, it is 4" longer. Pulled straight, it was to the crack of my ass before she trimmed it. Now when you pull it straight it's at my waist. Let go of it and let it curl up and it's just above the waist. Mark and Andy said they didn't notice it at all. Maybe that was cuz I had it all brushed out.

3:10 AM

Now to finish the sick, cruel, mean and unfair Rosemarie story. Typical, though, cuz this is what I always get from the ones I feel a "spark" with. It comes as no real surprise to me. I asked for it by wasting my time with her and set myself up for what happened but it was fun till I got burned.

After I gave Rosemarie a piece of my mind for dumping on me, Stephanie jumped in the pool when I jumped in with her. She asked me what was up and I said, "That goddamn mother-fucking son of a bitch!" She asked me who I was referring to and I gestured towards Rosemarie and said, "That one!"

Then I told Stephanie and Harriett what happened. Right away Stephanie understood, but Harriett was sort of holding it against me, saying something about me having a lot of anger. Yes, I did, and I had reason to, as I pointed out. Then she asked me if I always take my anger and misery out on everyone, though I don’t know who she thought I was supposed to be taking it out on. I thought, gee, here we go with another winner out to judge a person and a situation they don't even know. Just as I was saying, "Hey, you don't even know me or what happened" (I was actually talking to Steph), Stephanie defended me and told Harriett that she'd be pissed and go off, too. Afterward, I did chat with Harriett and it was nice. I'd never want to be buddies with her, though.

Rosemarie heard everything we said and eventually got up to leave, never once saying a word or even looking at me. Stephanie, Harriett and I were yelling out all kinds of weird shit along the way.

I still think she was influenced by Rick (probably cuz he knew I wouldn’t include him in the sex I wanted to have with her). If she were single and living alone, then just maybe she'd have a mind of her own. For now, I'll never know what she’s really thinking and feeling. I doubt I ever will, either.

5 AM

Since I still can't sleep, I'll finish with Rosemarie. I'm pissed that my schedule's all fucked up again. For the last two days, I tried setting my alarm to get up earlier, but it never worked. The hard part is pulling myself out of bed. If I could just pull myself up out of bed, have a bite to eat and some coffee, I'll be OK. Tired, but at least I'll be up. Then I can go lie out and relax by the pool all day. Or as long as I can stand it. It's hot. I mean, really fucking hot! I'm losing all my color too, and that pisses me off. Tanning will be easier and more tolerable in a month or two from now when it gets cooler. I do have my Walkman and nothing to do tomorrow.

Andy and I went out for Chinese food earlier and I withdrew a little money. I need my food stamps!

He and another gay guy he works with were gonna go out to a bar, but I guess they never did. He mentioned doing karaoke tomorrow night but he's got to have dinner with his friend Anita who's moving to Florida. I hear she hates it here, mainly cuz of the people. Andy and several others have said the same thing. That compared to several other states, Arizona has the worst people. People come off as friendly at first, then they stab you in the back. Donna and Rosemarie are perfect examples, but I say people are screwed up everywhere. There are sick, cruel, vindictive, insensitive, narrow-minded, stupid and judgmental people all over the world. Again, leave it to those who are pretty and emotionally and financially stable to screw you up and over. On the other hand, I really believe that people like Donna and Rosemarie are what you call "great pretenders." They're the ones who do the best job of seeming as if they've got their shit 100% together. Rosemarie has no backbone of her own. She's got to kiss society's ass as well as her boyfriend's. If she really is curious and or not completely happy with Rick, why doesn't she leave? Or say how she feels? Is it that difficult? I'm 98% sure she can support her own self and she seems like she could survive on her own. She does not seem like the so-called desperate type.

Why can't people associate with those who are different? Can't she tell herself, “OK I'm not into what she's into, but she's who she is and I'm who I am, just be friends,” and that's it?

Life would be too boring if we all were the same and did the same thing, said the same thing, thought the same thing, wore the same clothes, did the same job. What's wrong with variety?

Rosemarie and Rick had claimed they were so open, accepting and fascinated with all types of people. Ha, Ha. Donna said the same thing.

Fay spoke to Rosemarie in the laundry room and I guess the fear of AIDS came up. Fay simply reminded Rosemarie that straights can get AIDS, too. And straight women are more at risk than gay women. Fay said Rosemarie said she felt bad and didn't mean to hurt me. Also that Rick was in fear of losing her and she's in fear of Rick as he supposedly beat up some other girl. She really did want to come and see me, she claims, but Rick was watching her like a hawk. Lastly, she'd communicate with me through Fay, and for now, I shouldn't say hi to her at the pool cuz of Rick.

So the next night at 10:00, Fay and Rosemarie were to meet in the laundry room. Fay waited half an hour and she never showed up. At 10:45 I went to the pool and made it look like I was looking for someone. I saw Rosemarie and Rick outside their door. It seemed as if they were arguing, but I couldn't make out any words. I ran and told Fay, who said they do have their fights.

The next day Fay told me that shortly after that, they both showed up at her door. Rosemarie had changed her story and went along with Rick. Fay said Rosemarie was kissing Rick's ass but agrees that she may handle things differently without Rick in the picture. I told Fay I already figured as much. Fay also said that if I were straight, Rick would have no fear of me hanging around with her. Also, if I were bi, I may have been able to go in on a threesome with them. God only knows there are plenty of folks into that scene.

One day while I was tanning I saw Rick as he was walking by. Shockingly, he did say hi. Then the Saturday before last, Rosemarie was leaving the pool area as I was walking in. She shocked the shit out of me and said, "That's a pretty bathing suit." My head told me to tell her to fuck off, go to hell and die. My heart was jumping for joy and I said thanked her while I tried to hide the grin on my face.

It's so hard when it comes to the ultimate attraction like this, but not as hard as it used to be. Once similar situations happen over and over, they get easier to deal with. I've been dumped numerous times and they were all usually by the beautiful ones. You do get used to it and immune to crying really badly. You learn to pretty much expect it. Back when I knew Mary, Norah and Nissan, them dumping on me was very hard on me. I was young and still inexperienced as far as being dumped was concerned. Now it's far from anything new.

I must get a bite to eat.

6:10 AM

God, I wish I was just waking up. When I do fall asleep, not sleeping too late should be easy. Monday's the day they mow all the lawns at 6 AM.

I wonder if I should slip Rosemarie a note? I'd probably be wasting my time, but once again, the chase is fun. It can be a fun game if you make it that way. Wondering is fun even though I'd die to get her in bed just once. Ellie says that once you get that ultimate attraction, you won't want it anymore. Sort of like the end of the race at that point. I hope she's right and if so, I especially hope I get it soon. Yes, I know I am only dreaming when I say that. Maybe in my next life. I have a note written up anyway. In it, I ask if we can meet up in the laundry room at 10:00 tonight. I don't know exactly when and if I'll really ever give it to her. We'll see.

God, just send her to me! Have her tell me she's curious to try it once but to never tell anyone. I can keep a secret. Other than with Andy, of course.

My fortune cookie last night said a letter of great importance will come in the mail. It better be good and about my food stamps! I hope I get some letters and packages. I also hope Kim lives up to her promises of a letter, a journal, and blank tapes. I still have tons of editing to do.

I'm also gonna get 3 people in trouble. Donna, cuz I can't stand her, and 2 others who have cats. They live on the 1st and 2nd floors where they're not allowed. Donna's got blinds hanging up on her patio to block the sun. Those are not allowed. Why should everyone else be allowed to break the rules while I was forced to give up my cat?

Well, I guess I'll try to get some sleep now.

8/18/1992 Tues. midnight

I am not in the best of moods right now. Two other people I know got their food stamps. What in the hell is going on with me? Why do they continue to do this to me? I can't keep eating only soup and crackers on a daily basis! If the food stamp people still plan on never sending me my stamps, I'll starve cuz for all I know my next babysitting job could be ages from now. I only have a few bucks on me and a little in the bank. That's got to be used for my electric bill. What did I do to deserve this? Is this compensation for my moving here? Just cuz I moved, God's got to take away my food? Taking away my singing career and good sex is enough! Can't I just have enough food to eat every day? Please, God! Take away the singing, take away Rosemarie and other people like her, make them dump on me, but don't take away my food! Let me eat! Please let them send me my food stamps this week!

The only good news is that I got that journal through priority mail from Kim.

1:20 AM

I thought I'd get up early today, or yesterday, I should say. I thought the lawnmowers would wake me, but I thought wrong. I was actually falling asleep as they were mowing the lawns.

Ellie is gonna wake me up at 1:00 with coffee.

I desperately need to go tanning. I don't know about that, though. I just heard them say on TV it'll be 112º tomorrow! I may have to hold off on my deep dark tan until September or October.

Wednesday I have a doctor’s appointment and I sure hope I'm not told anything I don't want to hear. Andy says he'll pick up my prescriptions the next day on his way home from work. I hope he remembers. He's got shit for memory but he claims to be giving up pot for a few months.

I still haven't made up my mind on whether or not to slip Rosemarie that note. I'm sure I'm wasting my time, and again, if it were meant to be I'd have found that out long ago. I'll never be able to sleep with a woman as beautiful as she is. With my luck, she'll refuse to even take the note when I hand it to her. If I do. Hey, why not one of these days? So what if I know it'll come to nothing. The game of it is still fun.

2:17 AM

Speaking of notes, I almost forgot to mention what Andy did. He delivered the same note Mark got to Rosemarie. At 11:30 or so, he was out taking a walk and he taped it to their door. Fay said she thinks Rick leaves before Rosemarie and I hope she's wrong. I hope she gets it, but even if she doesn't, naturally she'll hear all about it. What a confusing way to start off your morning, regardless of who gets it first!

8/19/1992 Wed. 2:08 AM

My God, I cannot believe all the things that have happened since I last wrote! In less than 24 hours my whole world turned upside down once again. There's always one problem after another that I don't ask for. Mainly with money and backstabbing people. I'm cursed no matter where I live but the problems are mainly food and money. I've been so damn happy here otherwise, so why can't whatever's cursing me leave me alone?

Upon arriving here in Arizona, I had a horrible vibe about money and food. It's like I could hear something telling me it'll only allow me so much to eat. Enjoy food when you've got it cuz it won't last long. Something's out to starve me and get me real good. The only thing I can think of as to why this is happening is cuz I billed a couple of calls to Gloria, but the punishment doesn't fit the crime. What happened with Rick and Rosemarie is enough. Why keep me with money problems, very little for me to eat, and keep the food stamps stalling? Gloria's fucking rich!

Rosemarie's a bitch who’s no surprise. I mean, typical happenings with the ones I'm attracted to and I'm used to that. But sex with Rosemarie or other gorgeous women isn't a necessity. Food is. And paying the rent and the electric bill.

Ellie never came to my door like she said she would and I fell asleep at 9 AM. Kara knocked on my door asking me if I could babysit her daughter Ashley from 2:00 - 3:30. I said I would and she went to a job interview. I was psyched, and she gave me $10 in food stamps.

I woke up in a fine mood even though I was quite hungry.

I told her I was gonna go check my mail, then get the baby. As I walked closer to my mailbox, my hopes of any food stamps began to fade. A bad vibe came on stronger. I knew they were gonna come after my SS check! They pulled the same shit they pulled when I moved to CT. They say I'm overpaid and are gonna snatch $231 out of my $426! But I never even was overpaid. Then they said I didn't tell them I was moving in time to prevent the overpayment. Also, they proved that me paying the money back wouldn't put a financial hardship on me. Ha! How do you call using $200 to pay rent of $277, the electric bill and food no financial hardship? Oh yeah, that's really easy.

These people are fucking fucked in the head and they don't give a shit about no one but themselves and taking away people's money to spend it on garbage. The food stamp people only care about minorities and single mothers.

While I babysat Ashley I sat there crying, wishing I could enjoy my happiness here without worrying constantly about food and money. Wishing I could drop dead so as not to worry about being able to eat, pay bills, depend on others for help and live a second-best life. Life is one big settlement. Any curse here is better than being in Norwich. However, I feel like life's one big sentence and I'm just waiting till my time's up. Whatever it is up there took away my music and I'll never have real serious lust, but why this? Can't I have smaller problems less often? Can't I eat OK and pay my bills easily enough? Kara gave me a couple of TV dinners and I tried calling mom and dad. As usual, when it's urgent and you really need them, they're not home. If you're happy and just gonna say hi, they answer. Next time something important comes up, I won't even bother calling right away. And with one curse after another, I know it won't stop at this point. I finally did get in touch with my parents at around 8:30 my time. Dad answered and I told him the whole story. I told him I'd send him a photocopy of the bullshit letter from SS. He said not to worry and that it was a minor problem he can take care of. He said let them take it out of my check and he'll send me some money. Meanwhile, he said to call the food stamp people and tell them I need my food stamps.

But I've been doing that since June 9th!

I have tons and tons more to write about, but I am way too tired. I'm sneezing my ass off and I hope I'm not coming down with anything. I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow. Also, I think Terros is coming out.

2:50 PM

I am here now at Dr. Karius' office and I guess it's a good thing I brought this journal. The receptionist told me he's way behind.

I never could fall asleep last night till nearly 6 AM. I couldn't stop sneezing. I got up and took some Suditab my mom sent me, then fell asleep. Right now, I am still very tired. I kept waking up constantly. Every hour or so. I'm not sneezing too much now but my eyes are a little swollen and puffy even though Andy says they're perfectly white.

I still haven't gotten my food stamps today but am I surprised?

I left off last night with my talk with my dad. After I ask the receptionist if there's a place around here where I can get some coffee and a bite to eat, I'll continue with Rosemarie and Kara.

10:21 PM

I am home now, thank God. I was at the doctor's for so long. Around two hours. The doctor said never to make appointments on a Wednesday. Shouldn’t he have told me this before?

Hunter's going on now so I'll write when it's over.

11:48 PM

We're having a humongous thunder and lightning storm now.

There's not much to say about the doctor's visit. But he did say there's still a funny discharge. I'll call in a week to find out the results of the pap smear. It certainly didn't tickle and I was bleeding afterward. He said that can happen.

I weigh 99 pounds. He also filled my prescriptions. They filled out my TAP form and photocopied that letter from SS. I hope it's not raining inside the mailbox I threw it in.

8/20/1992 Thurs. 1:32 AM

I'll now write about what happened with Rosemarie and Rick the other night. I was already in a bad mood due to that letter from SS. I still hadn't gotten ahold of my dad yet at that time. I was making coffee when there was a knock on my door. It was Rosemarie. Apparently, Rick was hiding around the corner cuz at that time I didn't see him. I guess she felt she needed his protection. She said she came to “set me straight.” I told her she did that a month ago when she told me she wanted nothing to do with me. She was the one who went from claiming to be so open-minded and accepting to being unable to accept people who aren't just like her. She stabbed me in the back and prejudged and misjudged me.

Then she said she heard I was running around telling people I want her body. That's bullshit, of course, as I've only told Andy, Fay and Ellie and I don’t see why they would tell the whole complex this. She also said something about me saying she was beating the shit out of me. I have no idea about that one either, but I just hope I didn’t misunderstand what was really her threatening me and me not jumping her for it, with or without Rick’s protection. She said not to leave letters on their door. Well, of course, I know all about that one but denied it, even though a red flat with Fay’s name went up on that one. Could she have told her about that? Would she tell her about that?

She added that she and Rick are fighting, though I don’t know what this has to do with me. I told her they're all worked up over nothing, and their paranoia and fighting is their problem, not mine.

Then she said, "So, you're saying she's lying?"

I asked who's “she” and she said she couldn't say cuz she promised she wouldn't say her name.

Yeah, sure. Whatever. It was probably Fay she misunderstood or something unless now it’s Fay’s turn to turn into a backstabber. Anyway, they made up everything except the letter, which I denied, of course.

Then as I opened the door and she was leaving, Rick appeared. He said, "I'm bothered, but I do understand your fantasy. Leave us alone. Don't hang by the pool, don't lurk."

I said that I don't “lurk” and if I want to swim in the pool, that's my choice and my right. And sure he understands my “fantasy!”

Then they left. I'm sure the reason why they never attacked me was cuz they didn't know how it'd come back on them by way of management or the cops. Plus, I know where they live. They sure as hell pissed me off. Big time. I was already in the foul and shittiest mood and I snapped. I’m sick of being the nice one, not asking for the shit I get, and people getting away with giving it to me. I wanted to show them who they were dealing with and who they just pissed off and over the edge.

As I opened my door to walk out, Dave the security guard was there. He said he was just coming to knock on my door and I told him exactly what happened. Then as I headed over to their place, my anger building more and more, his supervisor heard it all over the walkie-talkie and thought I was trying to commit suicide. I was really throwing rocks up to their place yelling for them to come down and face me again. I was so pissed! I really wanted to fight and get my anger out! It would've been on the right people, too. I know they heard me, but they never had the guts to open their door. Again, even though I wasn't threatened (at least I don’t think I was), I was so pissed and wanted their asses so bad. I was sick of being shit on. Maybe I should’ve gone up and tried kicking their door down, even if I would’ve gotten arrested.

Then I headed back to my place and Dave followed. We talked and he began to calm me down. He said he understood I'm not usually like this and knew I'd never go off like that without a good reason. He said, "Smoke your cigarette and calm down. You're doing well. I'll get you a glass of water."

So then two cops came and they were very friendly and I told them what happened. They said not to worry and that all will work out fine. Gee, I hope so cuz I’m really, really sick of this shit with the people here!

I saw him earlier tonight and he gave me a hug as I thanked him for talking with me.

Now I really, really mean it when I say no more friends other than the people I already know! I'm not talking to any new people. And now I have to try to figure out if Fay really is a friend or not. How else would Rosemarie know it was me who left the note on the door unless she or Rick saw me?

After I go make coffee, I do have more to write about concerning Kara.

3:20 AM

Everything on TV was boring tonight, so now I'll write about Kara. She came over and asked if I was OK and she told me she saw 3 cruisers pull up. I told her what happened and we ended up having a long, very nice talk. Between her and her mom and sister, I always took a liking to her most of all. I could sense she was the most open one of them all and the easiest to talk to. I could sense she and her sister were complete opposites like me and my sister. She told me her sister is a bitch and they were never close. She also says Stacey's not very dependable. As in babysitting. I told her to tell Stacey to tell me if she's not interested in a babysitter flat out, rather than leave me hanging.

I also wonder about the other Stacey, too. If I don't hear from her in a week or so, I'll call her. I will tell her just the same. “Tell me you're not interested, but do not lead me on, keeping me wondering and waiting.”

Kara and her mom are moving across the street to a 2-bedroom apartment at the Via El Camino complex. She told me she'd always need me to babysit here and there, but especially so if she gets a job.

I also had another "sense" about Kara. When I told her why Rosemarie shit on me, I told her she could run out, too. I'm used to it. She said she knew gay people back in Michigan where she's from as well as here and that she's slept with women, too. Mostly during threesomes. I told her I wasn't shocked. I sensed it. She also said she's got a good 6th sense and she suspected I was gay. It's funny how in the bars they all swear I'm straight, yet more and more people outside of bars tell me they've suspected me. And you know I look far from dyky. Maybe it's my muscle tone and firm "don't fuck with me" attitude I give off at the same time I give off an open, sensitive attitude and have a sense of humor. I know she's bi, but she's more into men. The funny thing about Kara is that she's plain and homely, but she's not. I don't know why but I constantly think of her. Naturally, I'd never ever dare tell her. I know she'd never turn around and punch me out, but I'd still never tell her. It's my secret and she's more into men and could think I'm ugly for all I know.

She did ask if I'd like to go out to this place near the Metro Center. A place with pinball games and stuff like that.

She said anytime I need to talk, she's there. I was so afraid and so hesitant about being her friend and she said she understood why. I said I hope our friendship does stick and she said it'll stick with utter confidence. That's cool and I really do like her and appreciated her talking with me. She came over a few days ago too, to visit with me.

I'm gonna go out on my porch and have a smoke. I really shouldn’t smoke in the apartment.