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1992-01-09 17:37:23 (UTC)

January 1992 (first half)

From MA to CT to AZ
Age 26

1/1/1992 Wed. 12:10 AM

The first 10 minutes of 1992 flashed some unpleasant thoughts through my mind.

What have I accomplished?


Where is my life going?


Why do I feel as if I've accomplished so much but am getting nowhere in life? Silly question, huh? I still don't know that I want to live a life of nothing or second best. Should anyone try to pretend and make themselves settle into a life they're not happy with? If you knew for sure all the things you really want and that matter to you will never come true? If you knew you'd live your life either miserable or in between. Never really happy. Never any kind of life, fun, adventure or excitement. Just a nothing nobody on disability who knew what she wanted but couldn’t have it. Just a girl who'd like a little lust here and there and nothing more as she has self-respect, enjoys her space, can't tolerate head games, lies and geeks. But all I get are offers from people I'm not attracted to. God just can't allow me a person who I'm turned on by for one lousy night. A decent person and say, "ok, I'll send her someone fairly decent that she wouldn't be good enough for on a regular basis. All she wants is sex and that way that "decent" person won't have to put up with her and she can have her space without this decent person trying to change her and condemn her." Yeah, right. But I should be allowed at least some lust rather than be sent all the uglies or so-so people that are keeping me celibate. I need some fun, too.

Boy, am I mad at myself upon reviewing all the dumb things I did during 1991. The phone calls, the phone bills, losing my tapes, moving here and reality slapping me in the face.

Fucking Kim couldn't have offered to do something with me seeing that Mark's at work.

I have lost so much both material and non-material-wise.

My New Year's resolution is a deal with God or whatever the fuck's up there. I still can't bring myself to settle happily and willingly. This was gonna be my "settlement" year. Doing all the stuff I don't want to do and letting go of my dreams and having good sex. Instead, God will either grant me my wishes by sending me an attractive person as well as help me get my foot in the door (appropriately) with my music. Then I'll work my ass off from there. If none of the above starts happening for me this year, I exit this boring life. As if God's gonna answer my prayers for once and for all?

I am so pissed off at Kim and my parents never called. Has Tammy given them my new number yet?

Fran called at around 11:20. Some girl showed up at his place and he said he'd call me later or during the week.

I know I'm cursed. I know for sure. Forget about why though as I'll probably never know why. What do I do to get rid of it? Goddamn, do I hate this life! Being sure in my mind of the things I want and knowing I'll never achieve things. I'd never know where the fuck to begin. What an ass for believing I'd get connections somehow just cuz I could sing. This idiot thought that two years from now (1994) she'd have her foot in the door. Man, do I feel like a complete jackass!

Can't I have just a little more than a nice place to live and some decent clothes? Material things are great. It doesn't replace being a singer and sex, though. I'm only human and I can't help the way I feel. I have a right to my feelings and if God's determined to make me settle, he'd better miraculously change those feelings of mine or else I'm gone before 1993. I mean it too, as I have hung on long enough to see that nothing will ever change

2 AM

I am listening to the tape that was made earlier with Fran and Nervous. It's pretty funny.

Fran at the CC and I spoke for a little while.

Again Fran insisted that Nervous lives in a "complex." Since he has no phone, Fran couldn't insist the phone company was in his building ready to snatch his phone. Rather than that story, he insisted that Carabetta was buying out his building. I love Nervous's line to Fran at one part of the tape. He says, "There's gonna be a dead P." Also, I was reminding Nervous about his wonderful cooking. He was cooking bacon for me when I lived on Oswego St. When he got through with it, it looked like cigarette ashes.

6:50 AM

Not much has been happening. Still the same old boring shit. Andy hasn't called, but I called Jessie. She's been trying to call me but didn't know the machine wasn't here for a while. She then tried after that but got the recording saying the phone's disconnected. She was eating dinner and says she'll call me back. Kim, naturally, isn't home. I haven't heard from mom and dad either so maybe Fran will call later.

I think I hear Kim home now. It cracked me up how she feels so guilty, she tells me, and how she should've known better as far as her busy schedule's concerned. Not only am I angry with her and feeling very let down and led on, but I'm also angry with myself. As much as I love this place and wanted badly to get out of Crack Alley, I should've known better. Never fall for anything someone tells you, you'll only end up trapped.

1/2/1992 Thurs. 3 AM

I had a long sad boring talk with Bob who's freaked out about Kim going away to Florida. She's going to the same area that Bob's second wife was murdered. Supposedly Bob and Dorothy were only married for 3 days when Dorothy's sister became ill. When she went to the sister's house, her brother-in-law came onto her. The guy shot Dorothy, her sister and himself too, I think.

Andy called and said that things were excellent now. His financial status has improved. Now he won't be evicted. He also is very happy at this new Denny's he's at. He said thank God as just a month ago he literally wanted to drop dead. He's quite happy now. I wish I could say the same, but at least I'm feeling better than before and told him all about the phone.

He told me Donna was taking care of this old man in Paradise Valley where Stevie Nicks lives. A rich guy and I guess this particular area is all fenced in and you got to go through security to get in. Sort of like where my parents live. Donna told him to go take a walk and he came up to this house where he heard someone singing live. Also, a real drummer or a drum machine. He said at first he wasn't too sure if it was her but this woman was definitely recording something. He pulled a garbage can of hers into some bushes and pulled out an envelope with her name and address. He said he's gonna keep it and write her a huge letter with some videos of him doing her in drag. So, she then continued to sing louder and clearer and he knew for sure it was her and this was her house. He said it was nighttime so he couldn't see much but the house wasn't too spectacular. He said it was only 1 floor but very long in length. He could see a gold record on the wall and two housekeepers. He never saw her and she never came up to the front part of the house. One housekeeper was vacuuming and another came out of a room with a baby. He walked up to her door but had no intention of knocking on it. He said there were security signs all over and that he respected her privacy but he was outside her house for two hours. He said the kitchen and dining room area were all lit up. At one point he heard what he thought was a plate drop and he first thought - run! But then he told himself it was dark, no one could see him, just quietly walk away and he did.

That's pretty darn cool. I'd love to see Gloria's house. Then see it on the inside. Then meet her. Then have the grandest time in bed with her!

Oh well. It's always fun to dream. Especially when dreaming's all you can really do.

7:01 PM

I got up too late today but when I did there were 4 messages.

Two from Andy singing. He had called at around 7:30 AM my time. I fell asleep at around 6:30 this morning.

The third message was from Tammy telling me the Norwich Housing Authority called. They have a studio available now, and as soon as a 1-bedroom is open across the street, I can move in. She called back at 5:30 as she said she would, saying she's gonna take a look at it tomorrow as we're not so sure I can fit in. I have a lot of stuff as well as furniture. She'll let me know more about it soon, she said.

The fourth message was from Ann Marie, the girl claiming to be feminine from the Advocate. I did a third-party billing deal to let her know she's got to call me due to my blocks.

We'll see, but her voice sounds like she may be just a wee bit too serious for me. I also hope she's as feminine as she claims to be and isn't career-oriented. People on disability or stupid little jobs never mix. She lives in Enfield, but depending on how much she wants sex, we'll see if she calls back to come here. Hopefully, she at least has a car.

I hope I don't get put on the spot and she asks me what I'm looking for. Then, if I say I’m looking for sex, she may tell me she’s looking for more than that and want to forget it altogether. I'll try to get it out of her first but I know that no matter what she looks like, I'll feel no real attraction. No real thing. No spark. She'll either be repulsively ugly or another Brenda. God, I hope not another Brenda! All I need is to go through that again and meet another girl like Brenda. At least she won't live right next door. I like the idea of the person not living in town.

Kim and I had some good talks yesterday and today. Later tonight she's gonna come over to hear the heated conversation between Fran and Nervous.

I just tried to call Bob to play with his head, but his line was busy. He's probably playing with Kim's head. This guy's as fucked up as you can get. Kim told me that I'm totally sane compared to him. That, I can confidently agree with.

I tried calling Sheila to reschedule our January 8th appointment, however, she was in juvenile court. I'll call her tomorrow. I still haven't heard from Tracy, but I think Tony's gonna drive me to court. I'll taxi my way home.

Food shopping can be worked out by either Tony or Mark. Mark's not going to Florida with Kim.

I called Cassandra two nights ago and she was happy and relieved to hear from me. Saturday at 2:00 is when we'll meet.

Andy's gonna be calling me late tonight. That's great, but I've got to watch my schedule.

Since I may very well be paroled out of this cage soon, I've got to start to round up as many boxes as I can.

Tammy told me she gave mom and dad my new number, but I have yet to hear from them. I hope she kept her mouth shut about the phone bill. I told them to keep it between us and to tell the whole world other than mom and dad. Mom's hard enough to talk to over the phone and they cannot deal with shit like that. Therefore, so as not to make it any more difficult than it already is most of the time we talk, I told her not to mention it. She only half-bullshitted me about Andy's phone. Andy said it almost got disconnected.

1/3/1992 Fri. 9:15 PM

Tammy saw the efficiency and said it was too small. I figured as much. Now I have to wait longer for a 1-bedroom. That could be anywhere from 1-8 months. There are now 4 vacancies which means I'm number 8 on the list rather than number 12.

I'm tired and feeling confused right now about people and life. I'm angry and a little upset. I'm extremely frustrated, though. God, am I sick of being contradicted and knowing a certain thing is a fact with living proof to back it up. People are gonna be people. Ignorant, stubborn and set in their beliefs. Oh well. I'm not about to try to prove myself anymore. Or defend myself or anyone else against something I know I should. Some people, no matter how obvious the facts are right in front of their faces, are gonna believe what they want. Especially if the truth hurts them that bad. I'll write more about this later. Right now I just want to go listen to music. I’m just sick of people saying one thing, then another. I'm so fucking sick of it!!!!!!!

1/6/1992 Mon. 12:30 AM

As everyone who knows me well enough knows, there are two things I've been wanting bad. One is to be a singer. Two is to meet another gay woman who's just as feminine as I am and that I'm attracted to. Also, to have it be mutual and get into bed with this woman. Well, one has happened! Yes, it has actually happened. Up till last Saturday night at 9:30, January 4th, I was still sure I was a fluke of nature. I swore up and down, left and right I was the only gay woman on earth who looked 100% like a woman. Totally ultra-feminine.

Her full name is Ann Marie P and she's 27 years old. Her height is 5' 3" and she weighs 120 pounds. She looks less, though, and is solid as a rock. I mean what a body! She's got an absolutely gorgeous figure. And I thought I was solid and that Kacey and Brenda had nice shapes! Well, Kacey did, but not like Ann Marie. Kacey wasn't as solid either and Brenda and Lisa were too thin. Diane was fat and even ugly compared to Brenda and Lisa. She has a nice shade of green eyes and long dark curly hair which is styled just like Gloria's. Her face looks nothing like Gloria's but her style does. Gloria's only an inch shorter, too. She wore an awesome pair of black tights, trimmed with lace on the ends and waist, and had a tiny matching tank top. Over that, she wore a tie-dye T-shirt that was white and blue and turns pink with heat. She had a nice brown leather snakeskin-like coat. Beautiful rings, earrings, and a gold chain around her wrists and neck. It didn't look tacky at all. It looked nice. She's Italian and has dark skin and a nice smooth complexion. With her long brown curly hair which is about to the middle of her back and her black tights and a tank top, she looks like Gloria from behind. What I mean is, if someone took her picture from behind and said it was Gloria, one would find it easy to believe. She's madly in love with Gloria, too.

One thing I will say, though, is damn she's good in bed! She knows her stuff. Talk about creative and adventurous. She's the best. Didn’t participate, though. Meaning, she didn’t have me do anything to her and she never got off. She wouldn’t go down on me either.

She was here from 9:30 PM January 4th to 7 PM January 5th and I will write more another time.

1/9/1992 Thurs. 12:33 AM

I'm on the phone now with Fran. He's calling people he knows so they can hear the tape of Rick and Nervous.

I have to clean my place as well as go out for some groceries as soon as the stores open. I have to polish my nails and finish my letter-writing, Andy's bracelet and do some editing. I also should try to finish the drawing of the kids on their swings so I can send it to Lisa for her birthday. She's gonna be 9 on January 20th.

Once again I'm swapping my schedule around. I hope to stay up until early afternoon if possible. Around 8:00 this morning, I'm gonna take a walk to Sugar Loaf Market to pick up some cat food along with stuff for myself. I'll call in my Theodur refill and Kim says she'll pick it up. She's going to Florida Fri. and won't be back till the 23rd. If she doesn't pick me up my refill, I'll run out while she's gone.

Tony's gonna take me to court and I'm gonna take a taxi back. It's gonna cost $25 but maybe I can get Tracy to take me home.

7:05 AM

In about an hour, I'm gonna take off for the store.

Fran called earlier as I mentioned and I've had several talks with Bob. His car is still not fixed.

Jessie called me a few nights ago and I guess she has gone to New York. Her father was gonna be on the set for 4 more days, then go on vacation to his other place in Hawaii. Jessie hasn't been to the set since she was pregnant and her father was paying for her and her sister to stay in a hotel. It's right in Times Square and they also got shopping money and all their expenses were paid for. Their food and gas and stuff like that. Jessie had told me she'd call me in case Melissa decided not to go. I guess she went. Bummer. Jessie better call me when she gets back about coming up before school starts again.

Andy never called last night but we did speak the night before last. I played him some edits from about a week or so ago.

Right after I got my phone back, Fran called Nervous. Boy, did they go off on each other. It was great, though, as it's been so long. I edited them chewing each other out as well as Andy and I. Also some girl Fran knows who talks so funny. She sounds like she's drunk but she really has CP. Poor thing, but she's funny as all hell anyway.

9:53 AM

After I smoked a cigarette, I went down to Sugar Loaf Market. I got $20 worth of food. When I got back I fed Shadow and had a bite to eat. Also, I called in my refill and verified my new SSI and SS checks amount with Kathy at my bank. I get a total of $556.39 now between the two checks.

I'm so sick of this fucking waterbed. It's a major pain in the ass. Lovemaking, or sex, I should say, would be a heck of a lot easier on a regular bed. You know, firmer ground for better balance for those who already have good balance and are flexible. Being sure-footed and flexible doesn't really help much.

I threw in a small load of laundry and I also called Bob and played him the new 20-minute edition of edits.

As for Ann Marie, well, there really isn't much more to say. She's attractive, great in bed, and a nice person. She's open, honest and understanding, but I told her up front that I don't want a relationship. All she wants is sex, too. She did say that even though she's never met an equal, but if she were to, she may stay with the person. Only if it were right, she said, otherwise she'd be bored quickly. That sounds logical. She says she's had 4 relationships and a million one-nighters. The one-nighters, she explained, were due to the fact that it was one-sided. Either she was the one into it and they weren't or vice versa. I told her I could relate to that. I told her never to expect to change me and that I was gonna be myself. If she didn't like myself, I told her my door is always open for her to leave and find someone else to fool around with. I'm really proud of myself for not telling her anything personal. I learned sex really complicates the emotional part. That's why your friends and family are the ones you talk to and get your love from. And you keep sex purely sexual with nothing emotional tied in. At least I do cuz the two don't mix. If Ann Marie never were to come back then I'd have no hard feelings. If she were to come around every now and then, that's cool, too. She called two nights ago and we had a good talk but there were a few things she said that bugged me.

1/10/1992 Fri. 3:33 AM

I thought I'd do a little writing while I was waiting for my pork chops to cook. I'm really bored right now and I was hoping to hear from Andy who left a message while I was asleep. I tried to call him collect so he'd refuse it and call me back but his voice mail came on. He probably thinks I made it to New York after all.

Last night I woke up at 9:00 and I was bummed out as I was unable to beat that tonight. I got up at 7:00 and I'm still pretty tired. I doubt I'll be able to go to sleep for a few hours. Once I'm up, I'm up. Tired or not.

I tried to call Bob, but Sandra says he's all upset about Kim's trip to Florida. She leaves tomorrow. She's lucky cuz she's not gonna have to deal with anyone like my mom to spoil her vacation. At least not that I know of.

Speaking of my mom and my whole family, well, I'm really disappointed. Just when I believed they were beginning to believe in me and understand me, I feel just the opposite. These people think they have me all figured out yet they don't even know me.

5:11 AM

I know now that I'll never sleep and that there's no use in trying.

I hate how my family is so sure I want something due to a certain reason when in fact it is for a whole different reason. And they just cannot, for the life of them take my word for some things I say. I wish they'd realize that if I have something to say to them, I have no reason to lie. Granted every now and then we all tell little white lies but for me to do so would require a damn good reason. Rather than lie to them, I just wouldn't say anything at all. An example is if I paid $20 for a necklace and I didn't want to tell them that, I'd not say a word, rather than lie and say it costs $10.

There's a reason why I've run around giving them a taste of their own medicine lately. When my mom accidentally knocked over my guitar, I knew it was an accident. Despite how rude she was about my wanting to play in MY house. She was ignoring me anyway so I figured I'd just do my thing. Despite her antics and her dramatics, I accused her anyway of doing it out of spite. With anyone else, I could never do that and I'd feel guilty and she begged me not to tell anyone she did it deliberately cuz she didn't. I asked her how it felt to be accused of something untrue and reminded her of the knife story. Or hammer. Or whatever the fuck they said it was I was supposed to have attacked them with in my teens. The truth of that night was that they were provoking me and saying some nasty, cruel, false, vicious and unnecessary shit about me. Therefore, when I told them to fuck off, they couldn't handle it and didn't want to hear it. That's when dad came charging at me. He's got to hit when he can't get his way and gets frustrated and we disagree. He can't communicate. He can't speak rationally, honestly or listen to my true honest feelings. He can if he agrees with them and they meet his standards but I have a mind of my own. And no two minds are alike. So what was I supposed to do? I had to defend myself and I most certainly wasn't just gonna stand there and let the bully swing at me. When they asked me why I wouldn’t lie to them, I told them I have nothing to fear from telling them the truth. What are they gonna do? Come and spank me? Ground me? Take away my stereo? Cut me down verbally? Send me away? Of course, in their opinion, name-calling like calling me a sicko is always a brilliant way of settling our differences.

6:42 AM

I just got done listening to music and now I have another winner to write about. Here's exactly what I mean about people putting false ideas into my mind. When my father and I discussed my having a kid, he insisted my only intent was so I could run around telling people I have a kid. Now, anyone who knows me well enough knows I know that's a hell of a reason to have a kid. And just who would I tell? How would it impress them? He makes it sound as if I meet 20 new people a day. That is one of the reasons I no longer want to have a kid. Oh, I still want to, but not nearly as much as I used to. I don't need to hear their opinions 20 times a day. I don't need to be told how to do this and how to do that unless I ask. I don't need to hear over and over how much I should be just like them. I don't need the kid caught in the middle. Plus, there are other things to consider. I'm not rich or near rich. With all the drugs and war and crime in this world, I don't know. A parent can only tell their kids so often what not to do. From there, it's up to the kid to say yes or no to drugs and other stuff. My parents warned me about cigarettes. Even if they never smoked, I'd still have started anyway. Of course, I wouldn't be puffing away on a cigarette in front of my kid, telling it not to ever smoke.

My parents tell us how hitting or any kind of violence isn't a way to solve disagreements, but what do they do when they have a problem with their kids? Hit them.

Also, another reason not to have a kid is cuz I have no car. You can't keep a kid cooped up in an apartment day after day. They always need doctor's checkups and I would be, too.

Lastly, the idea of pregnancy and childbirth is too overwhelming. I'd be excited and maybe enjoy the experience but I'm so sensitive to pain and I'm small. I don't think I could get through it. If my kid was born with a severe handicap, then I'd really feel helpless with no car and no money in spite of Medicaid.

In all situations, I do not kiss ass. I do what I want with this as an exception. This way I don't have to go through any shit and everyone else is happy.

There are also many other things about the family that bothers me. Talking to them does no good as they get impatient or they're in a hurry. They're unable to really hear me out, give me a chance and keep an open mind. They're just so set in what they want to believe. Certain people's beliefs make sense and other ones just don't cut it. Especially when it's only the family. Other people see things differently and are less judgmental. And these other people are honest and would never lie to me. These people will give me constructive criticism on days when I'm not singing well. I will also come out and say when I feel it's not my day vocally. They think every singer in the world's got to have a great voice when I can name about 6 "famous" people off the top of my head that suck. Obviously, they have connections, money and other related talents that they're good at. Or they slept their way. I never claimed to be a great singer but I know I sing well enough. When Tammy told me I sang well but do I really think I'm good enough to sing on tape, I told her to think back a few years ago. Knowing I had yet to develop my voice and that it'd take time. When I was 18, no way was I ready for that. She then said she wouldn't buy the tape. She's also never really sat down and listened to me and she's never heard me on tape. So, before she's given me a chance, she has her mind set that I'd make a sucky tape.

Why is it only the family's been saying this since I was 21? The rest of the people, before I was 21, told me they felt I had potential, go for it and try to develop it. Why do I also have the feeling that even if I was a great singer, she'd still say I'd make a lousy tape? And then, of course, be positive the next day. Every singer has their good and bad days, but come on, make up your mind. They go back and forth. Me and 5 other people could each sing a song perfectly for my parents and Tammy, and while they told everyone else they were great, they’d still say I sucked.

It just seems as if everything I do is wrong even if it's right. Nothing satisfies them. And if I decide something's not for me like manicuring, I'm called a failure and punished for it for the rest of my life.

Other than my phone calls, nothing's right. The way I dress is either too bummy or too dressed up. They define flashy as trashy. Do they think I'd wear clothes that don't fully cover my privates? If my mother or sister were at a party and someone wore a sexy dress, they'd love it and probably compliment the woman. But I'd get called a whore if I wore the exact same dress. Why is it always me? It seems as if others can do whatever they want and everyone's happy.

10:38 AM

About an hour and a half ago, I spoke to Andy. We discussed a lot of the stuff I just wrote. I played him my latest edition of edits. He was cracking up over the girl with the CP.

According to Kim, Tony lost his job and is bored. I don't know why he lost his job and it really doesn't matter. What matters is that hopefully, he can bring me home from court as well as to court.

Speaking of court, am I simply paranoid or having a bad premonition? Remember how I always believed that certain things are ok for some people? Certain things aren't ok even if they're not wrong. Well, I always felt that after I have sex, male or female is irrelevant, that there was a price to pay. Sort of like taking the bad with the good even though the good was never really all that good. Never worth doing it again. Not even sex with the women I've been with. Including Kacey. But Ann Marie was a big deal sexually. I was attracted to her and really enjoyed sex with her. She was a far cry from all the others.

What if I do end up in jail on the 15th? Maybe if I never had sex, I wouldn't have gone to jail and Northampton would've gone along with Greenfield's disposition. But cuz I did have sex, maybe jail's gonna be my payback. If I were to end up in jail and miraculously get out alive, I'd never be the same. I'll probably get beat up so bad that I'd wish they'd killed me. As if they'll care that I may get a death sentence for prank phone calls? If the judge says jail, he's letting me walk into a death trap. Will they isolate me from the other prisoners? Will I be protected? Will they give me my meds?

1/11/1992 Sat. 8:47 AM

As time goes on, I wish more and more I lived where it's warm all the time. I’m sick of snow and I hate winter clothes. I like to run around in shorts and skimpy tops. I like the thought of being able to swim year-round and being near a pool or a beach. Something tropical and beautiful like where my parents live. I'd never want to live in their mobile home, though, as you can't make any more noise than a whisper without the whole island hearing you.

Of course, I'd definitely have to have an AC constantly.

It sucks knowing I'll never have the money to move or travel. Other than moving to CT, of course. Too bad I can't get to Old Colony Beach by bus. That would be the perfect thing for me in the summer. I'd be out more and it could really occupy my time in a fun productive way. How often is Tammy gonna want to go? I'm sure she can bring me to her house so I can tan on her deck. That great big kiddy pool is nice to use so you can cool off. I get sun heated very very easily. I guess it'd be cooler there in the woods and with all those trees. I hope the trees don't block out the sun's rays. It would probably have to be at a certain angle at a certain time of day. Here in the parking lot, you have to wait till around 1:00 in the afternoon. Before then, the sun's on the other side of the building.

9:35 AM

I've finished Andy's bracelet and written him a letter. I will go throw it in the mailbox later. Since I still have so many stamps, I may as well write Andy, Fran and Nervous more letters. Maybe mom, dad and Tammy, too.

In the center of town here, someone's bound to have a copying machine. If so, I'd like to photocopy my drawings and send them to Andy. Maybe Peter has a copying machine.

I wonder if Bill at the CC will take me up on my taping offer. Editing offer, I should say. I spoke to him earlier in the week. He was in Canada on vacation but says he hasn't forgotten.

Earlier, I spoke with Bob. I told him to call me anytime and that if I didn't answer, he could entertain my machine. He left a message making these funny noises. Another message with Linda Ronstadt singing Tracks of my Tears.

As many problems as Bob has, he's really a nice person. Late at night, we've had some good talks. He's not only up all night, he's up all day, too. He only sleeps an hour or so due to so much back pain. Last May he had major back surgery. That's how he met Kim. She was his nurse. He met her 6 months after I did. I had originally thought they met around the same time Kim and I met.

Guess not.

11:51 AM

I am trying my best to keep awake. I'll manage, but it'll be hard.

I'm writing at my kitchen table. At this time of day, the sun is directly in front of the window/door. Boy, is it ever bright here but the warmth of the sun feels nice. These windows are about 6 feet tall and almost 6 feet wide. At the same time, you feel like you're outdoors as it is so bright and sunny, the warmth of the sun makes you feel as if it's summer out.

The neat thing about the heating system here which is hot air blowing up from the floor is that it sounds like an AC. They are not noisy, though. All you hear is air softly blowing. It's better than radiators hissing and clanking like an old-fashioned cash register. I hate radiators. There are only 5 floor vents here. They're only 8 x 6 inches yet it's amazing how well they heat a 1400-square-foot apartment.

I spoke with Bob about a half-hour ago. He wishes he had his car fixed. So do I. That way we could get the fuck out. Maybe go to Dunkin Donuts or someplace like that to talk in the wee hours of the night while the rest of the world's asleep.

I wonder if Mark's up yet or if he's even home. Kim gave me 3 pictures Bob took of him in his uniform standing by his cruiser. I called him at 1:30 last night when I heard him come home to tell him I'd be up if he wanted company. Or to hear more edits and have coffee. He said another time would be better as he had a busy night. Two arrests and other shit went on, too. Wouldn't Mark love to be a cop in Springfield?

I better go get Shadow and leash him down. I have a bad feeling he's gonna wake me up. I'll fucking kill him. I've got to get on a schedule. If I can somehow sleep past midnight, then till 5 AM on Monday morning, I'll be all set to go grocery shopping with Cassandra Monday evening.

12:46 PM

I am still up and oh so exhausted.

I forgot to mention that yesterday I got some mail from my parents. I had sent them 10 pictures. Three of them Bob took on my birthday after Kim took me to Ponderosa. Two were of me and Mark setting stuff up when I moved in. One was just of Mark. One of Kim and I. One of Mark and I. Two of me sitting on Kim's piano bench with Shadow.

They sent them back as I asked them to along with some coupons for cigarettes, cat food, coffee, chocolate pudding, and pads. They also sent this little calendar in which you peel the back off so you can stick it wherever. That was nice of them as I had one stuck to my waterbed shelves last year. Shortly after I moved here, Kim gave me a calendar like that.

I hope Kim is enjoying herself in Florida.

If my parents were to invite me to their place, I'd have to be sure not to be dumb enough to go. Can't let the thought of tanning and swimming block out my mother's shit. I'm dying to go swimming and get a tan, but it isn't worth dealing with her bullshit. Unless I avoided her all the time, that is, but it still isn't worth it. A person passing up a vacation that's all paid for is telling you something, huh? With someone like sweet Dureen O included in the package, forget it.

I'm just so drop-dead tired. I don't think I'll be able to hold out much longer. I feel like shit, too. I hope I sleep later.

1:06 PM

I put Shadow on his leash down at the bottom by his litter box. From now on, I go by my very strong "feelings." My feeling told me I'd be woken up by him clawing on the door if I didn't leash him down.

Ann Marie hasn't called and frankly, I don't know if she should call me. She was beautiful, great in bed and was a super nice person, but there were a few things that bugged me. At first, she told me she too, liked the idea of the person not living close by. That way she can have space and not feel smothered. She also told me to be myself yet complains that I’m so sensitive. I told her I'm not used to being touched. When you're deaf in one ear your other senses are sharper, I told her. There were also things she'd point out about me that she’d call weird, but she'd do the same thing herself. The last time we spoke she says she wishes the person was closer as she's sick of driving.

Then, she went on and on about my not having a car, yet I told her this when I responded to her ad. Then she went on and on about her grandmother regretting never getting her license and having to depend on a bus or other people. As if she was trying to make me feel guilty and as if I have the money for a car and no fear of driving.

I thought she was gonna accept me the way I am. I told her not to try to change me and that my door's always open for her to walk out and stay out. I'm not gonna go through it again. The contradictions, I mean. She's pretty and I like her, but I don't want to bother. I've learned very well that the deeper you get in, the deeper shit you get in. The sexual experience was what was important to me and what I wanted. That, and that only was very very worth it. I only hope there's no price to pay for that moment of happiness. In 4 more days we'll see.

1/12/1992 Sun. 11 AM

Well, my schedule's definitely gotten better. I slept till almost 3 AM. I woke up at 10:30 with just a little wheezing so I got up, took my meds, went to the bathroom, then went back to bed.

During the night I spoke to Bob. Or actually, I didn't speak to him till 7:30 cuz after I woke up I watched the shows that I had taped.

I changed Shadow's box, vacuumed out the stairwell and took a walk down to Cumberland. I saw an article with Gloria saying that she was abused sexually at age 9. I wouldn't be surprised if it were true, even though 95% of the stuff in Star magazine's bullshit. Also, I wouldn't be surprised if it were true cuz it's so common.

I only had $2 and needed milk. I got a microwave hot dog and a candy bar too, but as soon as I can, I'll get the magazine. I've got to spend my cash sparingly, but I'm well held over till I go food shopping. That'll be tomorrow evening, but I don't know the exact time.

I had one message when I got up. It was from mom saying she'll get in touch with me sometime this week, don't call her back, and did I get my coupons?

1:27 PM

I did some singing both with and without records.

When I went to call Bob, I dialed wrong and began singing as soon as I heard what I thought was Bob pick up. It was a guy around his age that said, "I like that singing. Do it again."

3:42 PM

I did more singing and I'm so happy to say that it was truly great. For a while there, I wasn't exercising my voice regularly and it was either just good or ok. I didn't really get into the exercises, but nonetheless, it was super good today. It started off a little raspy due to congestion but before long it opened up and cleared up.

About an hour ago I went to call Bob back but Sandra says he took a walk to the store. We spoke for a while and she told me a little about her background and her family. Since she's got terminal cancer, she's hoping she can hold out long enough to visit her two aunts in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. That's so sad.

I wish Mark would be kind enough to call or come over and say hey, I know you're alone and bored half the time, so how about some company? Or going out for coffee and donuts or something, but no. Do people care anymore? What does he spend all his time doing when he's not at work? Is he even home now?

4:44 PM

Tony just called. He will be able to drive me to court and back, too.

I think I'll give Bob a call now. I'm sure he must be back home by now.

I want to try to stay up till 8:00. In order to stay up a while longer, maybe I'll write some letters. Maybe I can also cook some of that shrimp Tammy gave me.

1/14/1992 Tues. 11:23 AM

Today's been pretty good so far. I got up at 5:00 and at 5:45 Bob called. He said he had a car till 2:00 this afternoon. Some guy loaned him the car so Bob could pick his wife up at work at 9:00. Then, bring her to a doctor's appointment and back to work. I took a shower, straightened my hair and put on some makeup. By 6:45 Bob was here. He brought two plants called Wandering Jews. He also brought over some pound cake, banana nut bread and sample packets of my favorite coffee.

We were both so thrilled to get the hell out so he took me to Food Fart. I needed very badly to go. Cassandra was going to take me last night but I was too tired and I really needed to talk. This all worked out for the better and I spent $101 in food stamps and $18 in cash. I still have almost $60 left for the month.

Besides cigarette money, I still got to get Gloria's songbook, and Linda has a new album out. It's in Spanish. The last one was Canciones de mi Padre. I believe this one is Canciones de mi Madre.

Yesterday I spoke to Tracy and my court date isn't this Wednesday, it's Thursday. I got in touch with Tony who says it's no problem. Great.

When Cassandra was here last night, we discussed certain family issues that I've written about. She told me her 20s were the pits. Her teens were worse and things really didn't get better till she reached her 30s. She's 42 now. She's very pretty for her age, too. She told me to call her at home and let her know about shopping and court.

It's good that I got to go to Food Fart today cuz Cassandra wasn't able to take me until Thursday and that only would've been if there was enough time.

Man, is it pouring out! It's so dark, too. I opened the blinds in the bedroom and it was still too dark to write without the lamp on.

I just came out into the kitchen. If it weren't for the skylights, most of this place would be quite dim.

This year I'm really anxious for summer to hurry up and arrive. I'll be seeing Andy in July and if I'm in CT, I can tan at my sister's with that huge kiddy pool. Also, I can wear my summer clothes.

Even though everyone says I'm nuts, I want to lose 10 pounds anyway. Or basically, pull in my muscles so they're tauter rather than lumpy and bulky. That way I'll have a nicer shape.

Well, I think I'll go see if Mark's up. Then I'll call Bob.

1/15/1992 Wed. 12:24 PM

Andy called earlier this morning. At 8:30.

I've been up since 4 AM. I fell asleep last night at 8:00. I feel groggy, though, and I just can't seem to shake it. Part of it is boredom.

I've got to go to court tomorrow and so that's on my mind. I tell myself not to worry yet I have a bad feeling about my tapes and all the other shit like the wrong way the investigation was handled. I have no idea what the hell's going on. But I do know this, when I go to Greenfield court to see Sheila, I am gonna file charges on both Maliheh and Jenny. It's about time the treatment's fair. I'm not letting anyone ever again get away with not paying for something they've done while I have to pay for what I've done. Fair is fair and that's how I operate. I give what I get. That is within reason, of course. Now it's time for Jenny and Maliheh to have to take a timeout here and there to be dragged through the mud. Face up to what they've done wrong just like I had to.