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2019-09-09 14:14:07 (UTC)

Crawdad Festival

My friend invited me to a crawdad festival with her boyfriend. She and I have known each other for about 11 years I think? I dunno, I even think I mentioned this already. Calling her H. Anyway, she brought a friend. One that I asked to go out once but she at the time said she was still going with someone. I thought they had broken up. But it's one of those things where they break up and get together again. Anyway, she was broken up this time for sure apparently. Didn't know and didn't really care anymore. She did dress up really hot though. I'm sure it wasn't for me and I'm sure it was so she can just enjoy the outdoors. But heck, she did look good.

Crawdad festival was good. Overpriced beer and overpriced food but with friends and a nice atmosphere, that's good enough for me. They patted us down before we could go in. Security in CA is higher now with the psychos running around shooting people in places just like this event.

Funny though. Even though she looked hot, I no longer had any interest in her. I think I may have asked her out 6-9 months ago. Maybe longer.. I'm not sure. But the thing that made me no longer want her is her son. My friend H told me that her son is out of control. H herself has a kid with a disorder but this lady's son will jump out of her car at a stop light and take off. He's around 14 I think? I don't know why but after hearing this, this hottie's level all of a sudden dropped to the point where I have no interest in her anymore. I know that's mean but it's what I felt. Imagine that. A hot 9-9.5 becomes irrelevant because her child is out of control. I'm sorry but even if I had a chance with her, I don't have the mental strength in me to deal with that. I was told that's why she broke up with her last guy too. Still... nice eye candy if anything. Glad I'm not just jumping into anything or trying to jump into anything like before. Glad I'm more selective and glad I'm in no rush to find someone. I'm not sure if I should be proud or worried about myself. haha

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