2019-09-08 20:49:53 (UTC)

Prompt 043: Morning People

43. Are you a morning person? Why do you think some people are morning people? Besides getting up early, how do morning people differ from afternoon/evening/late night people?


It's interesting to have this topic today, because I'm currently on a vacation with several of my relatives. So far, I've typically been the first adult awake in the house, and out of the seven or so of us, I'm the one waking up earliest in the morning. Only the children of my relatives - and an ill nephew, in particular - are waking up before me. So I spend close to an hour on my own at this vacation house in the middle of the woods.

I enjoy waking up earlier in the morning. This is primarily because I enjoy peace and quiet. Fewer people are awake in the morning, leaving me to walk, bike, have coffee, and so on before there's someone awake who will come and interrupt me. By doing stuff on my own, and earlier than others, I can focus on tasks and/or activities that I enjoy. This prevents me from being taken away from what I want to do by an intrusive nephew (for example), and it prevents me from imposing on others with things I want to do.

I think morning people - and "night owls," for that matter - tend to go for activities that don't rely on others we're happy with solo activities. That may be a way in which these two types of people are similar. But how are they different? I really can't come up with a generality that doesn't sound stereotypical or ignorant, or rife with exceptions that make the assumption wholly inaccurate. I suppose I can speak only for myself.

I also think of myself as a much more introverted person than typical. Most of the people I know who stay up late also tend to be fine with socializing in large groups, "going out drinking" or partying, and so on. I'd prefer a smaller group of friends to hang out with, and that can typically be done at home. At the same time, I've had absolutely riveting and heart-felt conversations with friends over breakfast or brunch, as we meet in the morning over coffee and pancakes. It might be easier to have one-on-one or small-group meetups, and thus personal conversations, earlier in the morning. At night, there's likely pressure to converse and socialize with a larger group of people when you're out at the club or a house party or whatever. Personal conversations are what I'd prefer, personally.

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