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2019-09-08 09:18:15 (UTC)

Last Friday night was a blast

Today is Sunday but I had some fun last Friday. My friend (I'll call her H) of ten years took me out wine tasting with her boyfriend. He had to do a quick errand so he had to split for a few hrs. So she and I stayed at the winery for a bit then had dinner. After that, we went to a tribute to the band No Doubt. She was pretty good. Sounded like Gwen Stephani and her songs was from my time so I liked it. The atmosphere there was mellow. More older people so not many millennials. haha. Outdoor seating and it was picnic table seating.

I sat next to someone name Dana. She was nice. Got to chat and it was good to be out and about. Getting some practice with my social skills or lack of anyway. My friends sate on the same table but across where I was sitting. About 3 other people we already knew came by to say hi. I guess they were seated somewhere else but it was nice to see them again.

Anyway, I got to chat it up with Dana. Just know how to converse with a woman without being fake. Glad I wasn't driving. Got so wasted. Guess what? We get to do it again today. There's a Crawdad and Catfish festival somewhere ( I think it's at Woodland CA somewhere). Another tribute band and there will be what I'm guessing to be cajun food and several bands. I'm game :) Here is a pic of the last band we saw and of Dana the lady I sat next to.

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