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2019-09-08 13:11:53 (UTC)

College Induction

I'm not sure why it's taken me so long to write this, I had the induction on Wednesday and it's now Sunday. I've been really lazy in this respect. I guess I've been playing too much classic WoW, amongst other things. I've been doing a lot of running lately, this couch to 5k app is really motivating. It has me running 3-4 times a week and I'm noticing improvements, albeit small ones. It still feels great and refreshing to get outdoors and I always feel so much better after I've had a run, anyway! I had my induction on Wednesday and it was honestly a struggle just getting out of bed, my body clock is completely whack at the minute. It was 10am-3pm and it was rough, and a little bit annoying because the majority of the things we did, I did on the same induction last year. The same boring talk, the same 30 minute speech from the head of the college, stuff like that I just could have just done without.

I feel quite uncomfortable at the minute, but I suppose you do on the first day. The 'icebreaking' stuff was horrific, it's usually bad but God, it was awful. We all had to go onto a website via our 'smart phones' and a bingo board comes up, you then have to go around the classroom and talk to people and ask them a question, and if the answer is what applies to the board, you enter their initials. It was painful. I would have rathered standing up and saying a 'fun fact' or something like that, not that I really have any, but you know? It would have felt easier. I didn't feel like any information we were getting or learning from this app was vital. I'm not really interested if you have a brother or a sister, if you're left handed or if you can swim. It was just agonising. I did befriend somebody though, and I'm not entirely sure what to make of him. He's very odd. He constantly bounces during conversation when he's sitting down, he oddly knew I was an Arsenal fan too. despite me not having any sort of clothing or gear on to represent that. I asked him how he knew and he said 'I could just tell', so I have no idea what that means?! We're scumbag losers I guess? I'm kidding. He was very clingy though, he didn't want to do anything by himself, he even waited to walk home with me, knowing I had to talk to several lecturers prior to leaving. I hope he manages to make other friends so I don't become some sort of babysitter. I can't be doing with that.

We got our timetables and it's surprisingly okay, although we get Fridays off now instead of Mondays. I was kinda used to having Monday off because it meant I could stay up late on Sunday and watch the wrestling pay-per-views, but that's out the window now I guess. Friday off is decent though. So my timetable looks like this:

Monday - History, Maths & Psychology.
Tuesday - Communications & Study Skills.
Wednesday - English, Geography & Tutorial.
Thursday - English, Geography & History.

I have no idea if I'm actually committing to maths, because I had such a nightmare with it last year. If I didn't sit maths to lead up to exams, I don't see the point of me doing this now with no real end game. One of the lecturers who is like 'head' of the whole course mentioned assigning a coach to help me, which made me feel a little embarrassed, but I do need it. Maths won't stop me from doing this course either way. £350 has been paid and I'm not going to let it ruin anything for me, especially when I have written to universities and they have told me that I don't need anything maths related for where I am heading. So yeah, I have my first day tomorrow and I'm pretty scared. Just looking at the timetable, the course is a lot more full on than last years. Looking at the group on Wednesday, without sounding ridiculously judgemental, I don't see myself mixing with any of them. It looks like it's just me and my stalkery boi for now. I'm excited to go back, just a bit nervous because everything is new I guess.

I promise I'll write here tomorrow and talk about my first day, wish me luck.


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