2019-09-07 09:15:23 (UTC)


Today is the day that everything for me is fine like I am free of what I am doing now. I know to myself, having a difficulties in my life. I learned from it. Like to fight anymore contradiction that coming to my life and deal with it. I am so happy and proud to myself of what I am doing in my life now a days. Being a strong person in the world makes me feel stronger and stronger. Those times being so lonely, anxiety, and depress in so difficult but being feel those things is living like hell. I always telling to myself "what would I do to fix myself ?". I want to find a answer , sometimes I want to give up. But being feel those things makes me realize that you need to fight and overcome those things. It is just a challenge and trial in your life. But being feel those things, I learn a lot of it. And I am so thankful for that because no matter how hard I've been through, I want to be still persistent those little or huge things that comes of my life. I know in first is difficult but fight it for it because Life is harder if you make it harder :)

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