Pleasantly Disturbed

Broken Glass Park
2019-09-05 17:26:17 (UTC)

Accepting This Lonely Reality (For Now)

I feel very steady and balanced today. Very stable. Very accepting of reality. I still feel that I need people or just one, at least, person in my life who truly cares about me. Maybe I am being held back from that for the moment, though, because while I may want and need that badly, I'm probably not ready at all for that yet. Just to have a friend, purely platonic, would be nice, but this is a learning experience that I'll accept, for now. All I ask God, is please don't let me be too lonely for too long of a time. I understand that this is the way things need to be right now. I know I even need time and am not trying to rush anything. While, I may accept this for a little while and learn a lot from it, eventually I'll reach a point again, where the loneliness will feel like too much to bare. My burden was greatly lightened by the closure I had on Monday with B. And I thank You for that, God. Eventually, I'll also reach the point where I'm ready for love again. Especially if I meet someone just like my husband.

I love you, my love, forever.

I know you'd want me to be happy. I can say that while still sad and depressed and missing you very much, I have been very content and at peace this week.

I know you watch over me, My Angel, My Love.

Let me always remember how much you loved me, for that, while bringing tears to my eyes, also brings me great joy.

Be at peace, My Love. I love you. ❀❀❀