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2019-09-04 21:12:37 (UTC)

Prompt 042: Free Morning

42. When you have a free morning, how do you take advantage of this time? How does this kind of morning differ from a morning filled with important things to do and why?


I still do my best to follow-through with my routine daily warmups. I have a few set things I do no matter what day it is:
1. Make my bed. This is the absolute first thing I do with my day, every day.
2. Stretches.
3. Morning exercises: pushups, abdominal pilates-type stuff, bicep curls.
4. Brush my teeth, wash my face.
5. A multivitamin, eventually.

Other stuff is up in the air. If I choose to go out and do something, if I'm with others I plan time for a shower. If I am just going to the grocery or running errands, I just pick my clothes for the day and eventually head out the door.

I will eat at my own pace, sometimes skipping breakfast in favour of a brunch and then a dinner, keeping it to two meals a day. Either that, or I eat all day long (most frequently when I go to the grocery and buy a dozen bagels). I enjoy carbs to excess, in excess.

On Sunday mornings, I usually take myself to the cinema and catch their matinee revivals of classic and cult films. On those days I skip a conventional breakfast, and go for a coffee and popcorn to enjoy at the cinema. Most recently it was _The Graduate_, a film from 1967, with Dustin Hoffman and Anne Bancroft. I saw a lot of my younger self in the character of Benjamin, and although the film was quite a product of its time I felt it was charming. I've been looking for a name for the car I bought recently, and I think I'm gonna name it Elaine Robinson, after the character of the same name from that film.

On days I feel like doing absolutely nothing, I either play computer games, read books, or write to penpals and journal entries.


In terms of differences of "free mornings" from those mornings when I have things to do or things already planned, I do a lot more automatically. I rely on my routines to move me from one moment to the next, and then out the door. Only when I have to navigate the car does my brain typically kick into gear. This is most obvious on days I go to the day job. Most of my days at work, I am facilitating a class, and that takes up a considerable amount of my mental energy. It's consuming work and I enjoy it immensely, particularly in the weeks that follow and we hear that our clients have found worthwhile work and good-paying jobs that really change their lives for the better.

My free mornings are most unlike my day-job mornings when I am on vacation. I actually sleep in on those days, at least until after the sun comes up, unless I intend to wake up and watch the sunrise. Those days usually have a nap. If I have my bicycle with me on holiday, I ride it until I'm tired, then take a nap, then eat some satisfying, carb-filled treat. All this usually is done before noon. I might nap through typical lunch-time, and then have a late lunch or early dinner.

No one else holds domain over my "free mornings," and I luxuriate in solitude.