Do Not Disturb

2019-09-04 13:17:16 (UTC)

Got another new phone

It's a Samsung Galaxy A20 it's oretty small bht not that small as the note but it'll do and the case came with it . Their was so manh cute cases to choose from but their was this Paris xase that i just fell head over heals for and I got it. This is the same phone that I've been wanting for years now. We got one for my brother but "thats not what he wanted" because he wanted to keep his old phone ( its an iphone 7 plus) but couldn't because his phone was off so he decided to be phoneless. He's so ungrateful.

I'll be able to still finish my project today the one that I didn't start on. Maybe I'll go first to get it out of the way. And when we present it in fron of the class we have to answer these questions... Who am I ? And... What are my values? I don't know what my values are. I should probably write that down so i wont forget. Okay... I'm gonna try and get a little bit more rest before I go to work at eleven. And it's eight right now.

- A

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