Pleasantly Disturbed

Broken Glass Park
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2019-09-03 10:11:08 (UTC)


I got picked on twice, yesterday. The first time was when I got bitched at for not saying "Good morning," back to someone. I was like, "Leave me alone, you don't know what I'm going through." Maybe it's NOT a good morning for me, maybe I DON'T want to say it. Well, I'll just say it robotically back to anyone who says it now. Without life, without feeling. It's not like they really give a shit if I'm having a good morning or not, now do they? There's even a man at my work, who, when someone says "Good morning" to him he says, "What's good about it?" I'm not going that far because I really don't want to have a conversation! Especially not with people who really don't give a shit. This man lost his wife, nonetheless, he's smiling and laughing a lot, in spite of saying stuff like that. It was a few years ago, nonetheless, he also has grandchildren and perhaps other people. I have nothing and no one. No family, no friends, no significant other (except maybe Jeremy Renner in my mind, πŸ˜‰), no children, no pets. ::SIGH:: People can 'f' off with their bullshit!

The second scenario was rather stupid and I should have handled it better.

I'm tired of people. And I meant for this entry to be positive, but I guess I needed to vent! Good idea right before work where this stupid shit took place!

Oh yeah, I also have family members of my husband asking me for stuff of his. I can't even message them back because the wi-fi on his phone never seems to work. The one girl is like, "I thought you were supposed to send his Mom his guitar." Well, she hasn't contacted me! Also, she was supposed to help me pay for it, which even if she can, I'm broke right now, and don't think I can, even with her help.

The thing this girl wants back might be all messed up by now.

I'm hungry all the time. I got so jittery at work yesterday morning that I HAD to eat some of my lunch to feel better. I feel like I might have to do that today.

In any case...

People need to leave me the hell alone!

And hopefully, I can write about the positive stuff later. I think I did a little bit last night, but there's maybe more to write about it and maybe even 2 more things to write, in general. Maybe only 1.



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