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2019-09-02 18:07:34 (UTC)

Yesterday's Gym

So I did a good workout yesterday. Feeling good about trying to get my stamina back. So good that after 4 miles on the treadmill, I decided to try jump roping. I jumped for about 15 min. I was getting comfy doing it again so I started doing alternating single leg double hops and some double unders.

Got home and took a shower. After awhile, I was starting to feel some neck pain. Maybe just maybe I started up jump roping a tad too soon. Maybe I should rest it for awhile longer. I'm such an impatient dumbass. Well, I now know not to keep messing with it. I'll probably go today but this time, I'll just stick to the treadmill like a good boy :)

I read up on "soul mates" yesterday and today. I was enlightened to a different point of view on this but I'll cover my thoughts in a later post. I need to get to the gym because I think they're closing early tonight.