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2019-09-02 20:18:56 (UTC)

Befriending My Loneliness

I just watched a video about loneliness by Russell Brand. I don't know if I will be watching his channel regularly, but this one video was really insightful. I think I will continue praying/talking to God - it is more like conversations I have with Him/Her in my head. You could say I'm just talking/thinking to myself and that's fine. I'm still possibly talking to my Higher Self, so to speak. That sounds too egoistic for me, but I suppose God is actually just in our minds. Whether real or not, everyone who believes in a God has their own perception of that God. Even if they go by a religious text, such as say, The Bible, just as one example, they will still interpret that book/The Bible in their own way.

I could also start meditating, possibly.

Anyways, the main point I got out of the video, is that I can use this period of loneliness (though, to be perfectly honest, I do hope it's a short period of time!) to learn things about myself that I never really knew before. To find out who I really am.

He said something about making friends with your loneliness!

I kind of wish I could hang out with this dude now. Lol.

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