Do Not Disturb

2019-08-30 02:51:29 (UTC)

Student ID

I took my student ID picture today. The picture was okay. I just looked so orange from the camera. My face looked like it was getting fat or it could just be me. I’ve been out all day and I literally just got home not to long ago and then I have work tomorrow morning from 11-4 on top of that.

I’ve been trying to call the job to see about my schedule for next week but every time I call it just keeps hanging up for some odd reason but when I go to work tomorrow morning I should talk to the boss lady herself and see if, I can work around my school schedule. I already have it planned out. I would work Monday and Wednesday morning, Tuesday and Thursday I would be off since I have classes all day and I can work Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

I also have to still do this project that is due next Wednesday. It’s basically a vision board of what you see yourself doing in however so many years. I have that all planned as well. I will be using pictures and being creative. It’s for my speech class and we have to present it ( which that I’m not very good at). But it’s a grade. An easy grade.

Anyways, I’m hungry, sleepy but probably won’t sleep just be on my phone. That’s about it. I know I’m boring I know. It’s going on ten o’clock p.m here... What do you expect ???

Mood: Tired Out but not that tired
- A

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