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2019-08-30 02:35:29 (UTC)

New phase jobless again

I am on notice period. My last working day is 1 St of November. Post that ill get married and then don't know. I hope I get a job, job thing has always stressed me in my life because money is important. Reason for me to resign was that even though the company is good the work is bothering me I don't want to settle for less, girl with a 6 yrs of experience is given what freshers do also late sitting. So late sitting and irrelevantjobs given to me made me to take decision m firm and confident, I don't want to play safe rather than take risks n explore. But sometimes I think m I right? Have I taken right decision? What other person would have done? Would she had continue coz she has a family to look after? Or she would have taken decision like me? I guess what I did was right coz many came like me and they left for same reason. am trying to get one applications are on but not that rigorously. I hope and pray I get it on time. For now this much let's see what happens. Cya good day.