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2019-08-29 12:12:38 (UTC)

Commando Coffee time

Loony-Roomy is gone til Sept 7th!!!!! Woohoo!!! Peace and quiet for over a week!! Yeah baby. Having coffee in my family room in my semi-commando attire :) Sitting on the sofa planning my day. I'll hit the gym to try to get back in shape and since I'm not working yet, I'm sure there is a power nap I'll schedule sometime after lunch. haha

Still smiling for getting my myzone score. Glad I can smile and enjoy some normalcy in my life. I got some minor accessories for my truck. Been awhile since I tinkered with it. I have new map and dome lights. I'll get that done and post pics. As long as I have a drama free day, I think it's a win :)

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