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2019-08-28 14:36:14 (UTC)

Myzone points

I'm so close to making my 1300 points for my Myzone app (similar to a fitbit). I'm at 1160 at the moment. I just need to work out one or two more time this month and I got it. Normally, I'd get 200-300 easily at my crossfit gym class. But getting it done by a cycle or treadmill is slow going. This will get me from Gold level to Platinum!!!!! I never skipped a beat every month. For the past two years I've been hitting my mark. This was the toughest month ever only because of my surgery. I need it by the end of the month so I for sure should get it by Thursday even if I slack off today and tomorrow.

Don't know how I'm keeping my weight down but I'm at 158 lbs. I should be fatter than that by now seeing I'm not really doing the intense workouts anymore.

Friends at the gym want to do a potluck at my place this Friday. I'm like the poster boy for them because they just did something we call a "challenge". It's competing for whomever has the most myzone points in a certain amount of days. My house isn't the cleanest at the moment but it should be good to go on Friday. And hey, I'm a guy and I don't have OCD so it is what it is.

Saturday, my dart friends want to go wine tasting again and then dinner at his place. He's making corn beef for dinner. So yeah, I'm good to go with that.

Ok, time to get my lazy ass off the sofa and get this workout thing going. Didn't take any oxy yesterday so hopefully the neck pain don't bug me so much anymore.

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