Nala Toph

Written Thoughts
2019-08-28 00:27:50 (UTC)


He’s back! He’s finally fucking back! I had to deal with so many nights, crying because I thought my hero was a predator. Every night I told myself it’s “all lies, don’t believe them.” And my god he finally came out with his story.
Imagine if people found out batman was a rapist, or (for a real life example) people found out that Martin Luther King Jr. was a white supremacist and had 50 black slaves. People would be devastated. Emotionally hurt that their hero was a horrible villain. I know these are extreme examples but I want you to understand the mindset that I went through for a whole month. I literally cried because of these tall tale stories people made up.

Every body I’ve been talking to either doesn’t know this guy or only hear one side... a little disappointing but I don’t expect people to know everyone.

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