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2019-08-26 20:41:13 (UTC)

Prompt 041: The Perfect Morning

41. Describe your perfect morning. What would you do, who would you be with and how would you feel at the end of it all?

[NOTE: This begins the segment of writing prompts that deals with The Morning.]


She and I awaken in the still darkness. The only sound beyond our breath is that of the incessant, undulating rush of waves on the beach. I kiss her on the cheek, and say, "I'll grab the coffee."

She also arises, grabbing her robe from nearby and wrapping it about her form. As I move to the kitchenette, she instead crosses to the blackout curtains that lead to the deck, drawing one aside to whisper with the vertical blinds. We both pause to look out the door, and see the rosy glow of the approaching sun on the horizon.

Fortunately I had the presence of mind to set the coffee machine to brew just before we awoke, and in short order I join her on the deck with our two steaming cups. Hers is fixed just the way she likes it. She holds it in both hands, perched serenely in her own deck chair, and I settle myself into an identical one next to her. We both inhale deeply, eyes fixed on the crimson sliver appearing on the edge of the Atlantic. The air is brisk, and has the smell of the sea.

The sun emerges while steaming mugs are below our noses, and we both pause in admiration. The fragrance of coffee mingles with the salty sea air, while we listen to the sounds of ocean waters grinding away at the beach dunes. I sip fitfully from my cooled coffee mug, and reach out to her with my free hand. Not ready to let go of her mug just yet, she simply leans towards me, and my hand brushes lightly and comforting on her robed arm.

It is a satisfying moment. We watch the sunrise until sufficiently brightened, and our coffee mugs are sufficiently emptied. With a sidelong glance to one another, we stand simultaneously and turn into the hotel room. She takes my mug to the kitchenette for a re-up, while I close the door to the deck behind me and re-close the blackout curtains. Again, we find ourselves bathed in darkness, now enlivened by the morning encounter with Sol and our first cuppa joe.

We return to the bed and lounge, each of us sipping and savoring our sweetened drinks. Agave nectar is lovely this time of day. We snuggle closer. Soon our mugs are empty and then we take our fill of each other, making love intensely with coffee breath and the smell of the sea air still surrounding us. I inhale deeply as I kiss her neck tenderly, and the scent of the ocean is palpable, invigorating, and electric.