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2019-08-26 18:45:15 (UTC)


Good evening....I miss someone. I spent most of the day with her and I miss her. I know I won't see her again for a few days, since she is spending tomorrow with her husband and then back to reality of work for her and I. I know it's wrong to love someone who is married but she deserves a guy who actually respects her and loves her. Her husband, unfortunately, doesn't appreciate her and abuses her. I wish he would treat her better, so she wouldn't need me. I don't think I am that great. I wish every guy knew how to respect women, that way there would be less abusive relationships and more positive ones. The way I see it is simple: one guy, one girl. And every guy should bring flowers, bears, love instead of fists and cuss words. Unfortunately, not ever relationship is like that. I was raised by two loving, kind, respecting adults who taught me love and kindness. I have never hit a women or insulted one. I have never cheated or made a girl cry. I believe in spoiling a girl instead of abusing. Cause love comes from inside and violence is never the answer. Well good night everyone.