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2019-08-25 17:01:18 (UTC)

More About Me

Everyone has a past that they regret or are proud of. My past history is something I regret and sadly, still live with today. I must confess that I like younger girls. For whatever reason, I am not a fan of older ladies. I'm 32. In fact, in 2004, right after I turned 18, I fell in love with three fourteen year old ladies. I online dated two and tried to chase another one. I'm 32 and my love is 29 right now. I have never dated someone older and probably wouldn't. But anyway, I often flashback to the two fourteen year old girls, who would be 28/29 at this point in life and think about what if I ended up with them. I wonder if I had actually met them, would we still be together? Then I fast forward to 2019 and I wonder what people would think if they knew my problems, would they still love me? In 2019, I don't wanna date someone under 18, but I was pretty creepy years ago. In 2019, I am torn between my love and my x. I wonder if I had met my current love first, would my x ever be a factor? Anyway more later.....I'm sure I'll get a lot of "negative" comments.