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2019-08-25 16:48:45 (UTC)


Let me introduce myself. My name is Charlie. That is all I will say. I came back today because I needed a place to write. Many years ago, probably about 16 years ago, I first entered my first diary post. I use to have friends who also had diaries on here, but that was long ago. I needed a place to feel myself. I cannot be open with many people and decided to hide here. I think everyone has a story that has yet to be told. If you knew me, you wouldn't accept me. I got major issues. I have depression, loneliness, shyness, and loser syndrome. I feel most days my emoji should be "poop". I have a great job, trying to help people. But my social life, sucks. I am not very popular. I am an outcast and have about 4 real friends. I am single and 32, even though I am in love with a married woman. I am friends with someone I have known for 19 years. I am friends with my x-girl friend who broke my heart many times. And my other friend is a gay female. I will explain more about myself in just a little while.