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2019-08-25 05:23:57 (UTC)

Incomplete Dreams

In my early 20s when I was struggling to get into acting industry I told myself to try for 2 yrs and I'd I dnt get what I want I'll never look back and accept the fact that may not be in my destiny this way I'll never regret that I dint even try. But these many years later I regret, I regret for. Not trying more. Now I feel I must have pushed myself coz I did entered in the industry n was understanding and wud have gotten chance if had tried more. Also I feel I may have not by seeing my fellow by then friends still strugglingstruggling and have made nothing.
I wanted to make big. I still dream of it. I still look for some good chance thehope is still there. It's carved in my heart and I feel I'll get it one day is what in my heart. My mom wishes too. Ppl still tell me to try in acting. I'll try my luck again. Let's see...

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