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2019-08-22 23:05:14 (UTC)

Walked around the neighborhood

Wanted to test my legs out so I walked around the block tonight again and again and again. I walked for about an hr. Feel ok but I know I'm weak and not close to being what I was 2 1/2 weeks ago. After awhile, I tried little spurts of jogging (that I know I shouldn't be doing) and felt ok. Only later did I feel a little pain in the neck. So... yeah, I fucked up and overdid it just a tad. Took an oxy pill and I'm good to go. Pain gone but lesson learned. Better not try that again anytime this week.

My stitches on my neck isn't really stitches. Looks like a transparent type of tape and it just eventually peels off on its own. So I'm hoping that means I won't look like Frankenstein's cousin. All in all, so far so good. Neck isn't too bad and I have just about the same if not more neck mobility. These terminator discs in me seems to be working pretty good. Not gonna try to turn it like a demon possessed me but I think it's ok so far.

Got to text my online friend that I never physically met yet. She's kinda jealous that I had major surgery and recovering faster than her when she just had knee surgery. Anyway, we chatted. No clue when we'll actually meet in person. No rush so it's all good. Funny, I still have to say hmmmmmm. Last breakup I had and the self rebuilding I did really helped. I now see so much better. Next girlfriend will be much better than the last one. Not settling and not going to go goo-goo just because the next one has nice boobs and butt. I now know there are so many other important things to look for. I mean, people always says that but now know, feel, and will act out what I'm looking for from now on :) Life isn't super good yet but it will be. Too determined not to keep climbing up the journey to happiness.

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