Do Not Disturb

2019-08-21 16:49:03 (UTC)

2 days

It’s been two days since I haven’t been working and only going to school and I gotta say it really takes the stress away from what all that’s been happening at work. This will be my third day. No worries I’m going to be going back no time soon. Hopefully Friday. I have speech today from five to six. Then, I have class all day tomorrow. I actually kind of enjoy being at school. I usually go in the lobby and wait for my next class.

We have a project where we have to present ourselves but through a poster board with a collage. That I can easily do. But the part I don’t like about it is that we have to present it in front whole class and that I don’t like doing very much because I end up freezing and not knowing my words or... Thinking very well. But it is speech after all and I’ll get the hang of it eventually...


- A