Nala Toph

Written Thoughts
2019-08-21 07:19:40 (UTC)

Found it

I found my battery bank, the good one. The one that actually charges my phone. And it was in the most open area... on my brother’s desk. Literally nothing is on that wooden table, how did i not see it? I don’t know maybe someone just now put it there and didn’t tell me. I was a little mad seeing how it was just right there the whole time though.

Also guess what else i found... ah you probably couldn’t never guess but i found this feminist. And some of you are probably thinking “oh god what did you do to her, is she safe? Are you going to jail for murder?” And no... i met her online so there was no violence or harm. But this might come as a surprise to some of you but this feminist is nice. I mean she is stern because she will stand for what she believes but still... she’s like, ACTUALLY nice... i know people from Florida all the way up to Washington and never once have i heard of a “nice feminist”. I thanked her, for being understanding and listening. I thank her for letting me listen to her. We have serious discussions about it and she’s very mature. This is how feminists should be. I hope to meet more like her. I still refuse to call myself a feminist because that would involve me becoming the very thing i swore to destroy but... perhaps the thing i “swore to destroy” took a change for the better. And by the way, no i did not truly “swore to destroy” all feminists. But i was really close to blocking her but something in me thought I should give her a chance. After all I believe everyone needs a second chance to get a ball rolling. Even a good first impression cannot do all the work.

So thank you again feminist, for not being another cyberbully.

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