Nala Toph

Written Thoughts
2019-08-20 09:24:39 (UTC)

Small Potatoes and Me

So i still haven’t found my battery bank and I’m making it a huge deal in my head.

I was walking to my class and some guy said, “bro see the girl with the red shirt? She got fat boobs”
Well... that sure boosted my confidence today. I guess I do hate men sometimes. I get boobs are amazing, I love them too. But I feel like it’s rude to her and every other girl to say out loud “wow look at her FAT BOOBS”. It’s sounds inconsiderate. I will say i like girl’s with larger breasts, but the word “fat” makes it sound rude.

Why does the iPhone still give you notifications if you have it on do not disturb. It silences the sound but the phone still turns on with the notification showing. THATS STILL DISTURBING.

But all this is just me complaining about small potatoes.