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2019-08-19 13:23:07 (UTC)

Dr. Appt and Gym

Got my two week post surgery checkup with my primary Dr. So far so good. Everything is healing with no real complications. I may not be able to hit my crossfit for around 3 months as indicated. My scar hopefully won't look bad. Dr. says it can take as long as a year for it to finally dissipate. Seems like a long road ahead of me to be as fast and strong pre-surgery. Sigh....Still can't complain I guess. This was the best outcome I could hope for as far as my surgery goes.

I do have a friend that'll wear my myzone belt while I'm out of commission so I don't lose my ranking. She's a cutie too. I think she first playfully with me sometimes. I also catch her looking at me from across the workout area from time-to-time. Playful innocent flirting :) That's always nice. She has a very nice smile too. Her lips and smile looks like Catherine Zeta Jones's smile :)

Tomorrow, I for sure will check out some gyms in the area. I need to go somewhere for low impact stuff like walking on the treadmill. I'm sure the elliptical devices may work for me too. But it's so boring working out by myself. That's why I like the instructor lead class that I normally go to. More fun and time goes by so quickly in that class.

Just got home from Doc and lunch. Tired already. Taking a power nap.

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