Nala Toph

Written Thoughts
2019-08-19 06:42:09 (UTC)

This Mourning and Me

This mourning i still didn’t wake up from my alarm clock. My dad even bought me a sonic bomb alarm clock. Apparently I’m just the deepest sleeper, a war could happen right outside my window and I wouldn’t even know it. I didn’t wake up until my brother turned off the alarm clock. How does that even make since? I got a shower and made a bacon and egg sandwich. I was planning on writing this entry while waiting for my driver. But i made sure i was ready for school first. I looked for my battery bank but it was nowhere to be found! I still haven’t found it but i got this other one that’s really shitty. Dad found it when a guy left it in his car while doing uber. But I had a huge fit when I couldn’t find the other one that i got with my money. The one I had charged it to 100% in 30 minutes and told you it still had 73% of battery left to charge. This piece of fucked up shit could only charge 5% while the phone is also on low power mode. That’s barely enough to write this entry. I shook my bed in the rage I couldn’t find it and so things flew off my desk. I’m now at 9% and this isn’t enough. I need to talk to people. I won’t be sane today. I already feel like punching myself because I couldn’t find my battery bank. Mom did some cleaning, probably why I can’t find it. She definitely moved it because it’s nowhere to be found. It’s not on my desk. Not on the table. Not on the counter, not on the charegers, not on the coffee table and not on the shelves. Where. The fuck. Is my battery bank.

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