Nala Toph

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2019-08-18 21:08:07 (UTC)

Electronics and Me

So I never understood why but I have bad luck with electronics. Now sometimes I smash them against the wall and I understand why they break, other times they just break. we've gone through 4 Xbox 360 controllers, all of which I've touched and some of which i abused. This one Xbox One controller worked perfectly, then I used it a bit and the joystick doesn't work 100% anymore. it works good enough, better then the two Xbox One controllers I do constantly use... And I didn't even get mad with this one but the joysticks still got a little off. It's not horrible though, I can still play Halo: Reach on it. Our guitar's for Guitar hero are breaking too. One of them won't turn on unless I bend the wire around, the other has a lose strum and the game thinks I'm strumming when I didn't even touch it which causes me to loose my streak. Then the last one was being a little wonky but I took off the back, reposition some wires and it's working again. I used to play on the ps3 allot but that whole console broke, which really sucked, Infamous was my favorite game. We have second son on ps4 but it's not the same.

As for my rage... I talked about how I get mad at video games before but in case anyone forgot, I have literally smashed my head into the wall and made a giant ass hole near my bed because Elder Scrolls: Blades was really glitch-y. and I swore to myself to never play that game again. I deleted it right away because I bruised my legs through the rage.

Also yesterday when this site wouldn't work on my iPad I hit myself, my legs were different shades of black... It didn't feel good...
I just get so mad if something hurts me or electronics are buggy. I broke the ladder to my bed with the rage from Borderlands 2. I also chucked a cat and made it slammed against the wall after it scratched me, I still have that scar on my leg 8 years later.

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