Scream Above the Sounds
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2019-08-18 21:06:20 (UTC)

Sleepy Sunday

I find myself feeling so drained today. My body clock has been out of sorts for a while now and I really should make an effort to sort it out. With Classic WoW dropping in about 9 days though, that's likely not going to happen. As long as I'm good for results day on Thursday, I'll worry about the other stuff when I need to, haha. I'm very curious to see my timetable, when I studied the Adult Foundation course I had Mondays off, as a 'study day'. I should find out on Results day, seeing as I'm getting my results and enrolling in one day now. It would be lovely to have Fridays off this time, but we'll see. Any day off is a welcome one! As soon as I get my timetable I can start looking for a new job. My classmates sent out a message today in our Facebook group about going for a drink next Friday night, to celebrate. I've agreed to go but I'm a bit sceptical as I know they all live quite out of the way. They want to meet in town and then eventually go to a pub near where one of the girls lives, and then back to her house to continue the party. I'll probably go to the pub and see how I feel afterwards.

Today has dragged, big time. I've just woken up from a nap as I type this. I watched the football earlier today and I guess I'm just so boring and my life is so dull right now, I just went to bed. I only slept for an hour and a half and now I'm wondering what to do after this entry. I'll probably just look for something to watch I guess. I shamefully still haven't started Stranger Things or Peaky Blinders so I suppose I should get on that. I just struggle to find the motivation to start new TV shows now. I'll get around to it eventually. I'm hoping for a good week. I'm driving myself crazy and counting down the hours to results day. My sister can't make it now, she has a job interview I think. Louise has work, so it's just me and my mum now, which is fine. I think Louise is gonna come over in the evening after she finishes work. She told me she was baking a cake today and I jokingly told her to bake me one for results day and she gave me a sassy 'fine', so I could be in for a cake at least, woohoo.

It hasn't been a very fulfilling summer in all honesty. The weather has been unpredictable and I guess I just haven't gone out as much as I thought I would. I've done some cool stuff, don't get me wrong. The mountain climbing was great, my best friend from Newcastle came down. I've had worse summers, for sure. I guess it just all comes back to 'I wish I had more of a life'. I'm in a much better position now than I was last year though. Maybe not financially, but physically and emotionally. My future is looking a lot better. I know it was only an Adult Foundation course, but it's going to eventually lead to university. Uni was never in my mind growing up, I was just a stupid teen listening to Brand New, Taking Back Sunday and playing a shit load of World of Warcraft; admittedly, those things have changed, but I'm so much more goal-oriented and focused on where I want to get to now. It's not perfect, there are still tons of problems and I'm still fighting my demons, but it's better.