Nala Toph

Written Thoughts
2019-08-17 00:06:31 (UTC)

I feel sick!

I was in the shower and decided to try something. I never actually had a dick in my ass and I decided to put a finger in there to simulate getting anal sex. Well I’m just going to cut to it, i go out of the shower and i threw up. Anal made me feel so sick. It wasn’t just once, i was bent over the toilet for 3 minutes. I’ve had my moods ruined before yet I carried on with masturbation, but this, this absolutely killed my mood. It’s been an hour now and i have no interest in touching myself one bit. I still feel sick, and the thought of eating disgusts me.

But will i do it again? Well i like boys and boys enjoy anal.
So Answer: Probably
I want to get used to it but I’m not sure if i can even handle what i just went through again... my stomach still feels like it’s in an odd position in my belly... it’s making me tear up

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