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2019-08-16 09:20:41 (UTC)

#01 To my version 1.0

To my version 1.0

You felt emptiness right? You are unstable and no future right?

It's been almost 12 years since you graduated. I know you didn't experience working as an ordinary employee because there are things to be considered like taking care of your sick and dying mother. You already gave up what you want to do in life because of that. For many times you took up the civil service test but you always failed.

You gave up instantly and realized that what you graduated is not what you want. I know that you have more failures than achievements. You have a lot of regrets and always looked back at the past. It hurts right?

It's been 12 years already and in 10 years you are a businesswoman. I know there are more losses than profits. But that's what you have for now. I know you are not contented. You always question yourself. You always compare yourself to other people. Life is really harsh, right? You said it.

You even became a little hikikomori but not that your shutting yourself in a room. You just became a little bit anti sociable. It hurts that you can't do anything. You always blame others but did you blame yourself?

Your thoughts are always "I want to die" "I want to do more evil things" "Let's all die" It's a sin right? to think of it.

So at the end of the day, You asked for forgiveness, right?

And it's the time of the year, to celebrate your birthday.
So for your upcoming birthday, I ask you will you repeat the things you did, thoughts for the past 12 years? What are your goals now? How can you achieve it? What will you do for you to become stable?

Version 2.0