The Grown Up Years of a Weird Woman
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2019-08-16 08:34:26 (UTC)

Who I Am VS Who I want to be

Truthfully I kind of hate myself.
I feel unlovable
That no one could love this
That I'm not likable
That my boyfriend will leave me for someone else
because they have something I don't
Thing is I know I am more, that I have a lot to offer and that I am a package.
I just can't accept it?
When I was younger I got bullied for being different. For having white blonde hair, for being weird, for being having a weird sense of humor, When I got chunky for being depressed I got bullied by my family my mom called me a fat ass lmao and my aunt and sister called me ugly, It was all at different points in time but to tell that to a young girl.. That's fucked up.
I just got really bullied by women and now I know it's because they felt inferior.

I know I am beautiful and I've a good personality I just thought Maybe my boyfriend would think what they thought. Maybe one day he'd stop loving me like my friends and family eventually did. Everybody always left me. Everyone. I have no idea how I survived all that and I just don't want it to ruin my relationship. I want to become better but so does he.

I want to be Strong.
SO nice it's cringey!
I want to be beautiful to me.
I don't want anyone's approval to define me.
I want to be independent and Loving like Motherfuckin Muddayyyh Teresa.
I want a pure heart and a kind soul.
The woman that changed the world with her words and smile.
I want to be the hope for the damned and afraid.
I need to love myself. I really fucking deserve love.
Love really does come from within.
You can't be lonely if you enjoy the company you have.

I need to start a project.
Hmmm.. To be continued? (On that idea at least)

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