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2019-08-15 15:13:14 (UTC)

Some peace at home

Yay!! Loony-roomy is gone hopefully for 4 days. Went to visit someone. Not sure what I need to do but some commando outfits at home will be in play for sure. Otherwise, it's a hot one for a few days. 107 for the high I think. Whatever I do, it'll involve a lot of indoor stuff for sure.

My indoor camera came in. Going to set it up to view the kitchen and family room. Just want to make sure loony-roomy is done stealing my stuff. Setting it up now. Otherwise, that's all I got. No drama texts from anyone. My online friend Jen is going to the doctor to check out her knee surgery she had recently. My neck is ok I guess. As good as can be considering I had surgery last week Tuesday.