Scream Above the Sounds
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2019-08-14 23:37:38 (UTC)

Putting Myself Out There (Any help/feedback is welcome!)

I want to write again. I mean, I write here and thoroughly enjoy that. It's been a very good crutch for me since April 2018 and I have no plans to ever abandon this website. This is where it all began. I've been thinking about what I want to do after uni, assuming I make it in, hopefully I will! I want to study creative writing/journalism but then where and how do I apply that? Almost everybody who has read any of my entries has told me that they enjoy my writing style, they find the content gripping; even if it is real life stuff and some of it being depressing, it's nice to know it brings people back time and time again to read. I've been encouraged to blog by so many people and I haven't even taken the time to look. I don't know the first thing about it. It seems that you need something niche to blog about and you just go to town on it: I could do pro wrestling, I could do video games, I could do football. There are plenty of possibilities, it's starting that's the difficult part. I suppose the sad truth is, it's so easy to write here because everything is real life and it's so much easier to deconstruct things and spew sadness. People dig that. Especially guys getting in touch with their feelings, because it's still so 'important' to apparently maintain a 'tough guy' approach and 'man up', as they say. The diary was never meant to spark reactions or for people to read and enjoy it, although I'm glad people do. The diary was just me reaching, grasping, clawing. I was in a pit of despair and like I say, it's so much easier to get lost in the swirling chaos and let sadness overwhelm you.

So I'm going to look at something, I don't really know where or what. I'm open to any suggestions, tips, feedback or ideas that anybody has, if you happen to read this! I tweet quite regularly, it's usually a load of nonsense though. From Arsenal, to pro wrestling, to depressing song lyrics. I must be doing something right though because I'm followed by Gordon Ramsay, David Blaine, John Cena and Phillip Schofield, haha. I used to write articles for a pro wrestling based website and it was a lot of fun. I could maybe see about writing for them again, but I want to try something new. I think blogging could be fun, I just don't think I could blog or write like I do on this website. Nobody is interested in a 28 year old Welsh guy who spits nonsense. I would need to apply myself to something serious and stick to it. I don't think blogging about my personal life would go down to well with others either. I sent an e-mail to Kotaku tonight. I follow their stuff on Twitter and check their website out quite frequently. Writing for them would be pretty nice, especially if I could choose what I wanted to write about. They said to e-mail pitches so I mentioned a few things, they are all nerdy and it's video game talk so I'll spare the deetz. I guess I just want as much experience as I can get for when I finish uni and finally jump into something for real. Blogging seems to be the way forward these days and I think if I read up on things enough, I could give it a go. Whether I would have the motivation and dedication to stick to it is another thing though. Time will tell.


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