Nala Toph

Written Thoughts
2019-08-14 07:45:26 (UTC)

I met a girl...

First thing first, i know what I’ve said about women and I want you to know right off the bat she is not dead. She’s doing perfectly fine and is breathing normally.

But she’s been asking me how I’ve been every time we meet back up, even if it was just last hour. She also waits by the door just to hold it open for me. Yesterday she played with my hair which I moderately liked, I really couldn’t tell her no. I know I’m jumping to conclusions (which I’m a girl so that makes sense) but I definitely thinks she likes me. I’ll be honest, we’ve been talking since last week and I don’t know the name of this cute little black girl. She also said she has a boyfriend, which I do too. But she like, “oh yeah my bf gets super jealous and has a gun and he’s like 17.” Okay... I’ve heard about the fake boyfriend with the fake brake up. And this dude sounds like a hoax and she’s always interesting in how I’m doing, she never texts her bf how he’s doing. I just hope she never asks me out... because I have a boyfriend and he’s not polyamorous. So until he says he wants another girl, it’s just me and him.