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2019-08-13 22:19:55 (UTC)

An Aside: This Evening's Imagery

More of a personal entry, not inspired by any prompt.
I attended a local author reading event earlier this evening. It took place at a collectively-operated cafe', as it has done for a few years now. This is the same group for which I attended their writers' retreat during the Winter of 2017. I had a fine time there, and wouldn't mind going back to the campground - they had these awesome lodge cabins for the large group that attended the retreat, but they also had smaller bungalows that were appropriate for the rest of the year: no fireplaces, but air conditioning included!

Anyway, at tonight's reading, I was drawing up notes for one of my board game designs while seated at a diner table. As more people filtered in for the evening's reading, I began to feel - and perhaps this was due to the americano I had to drink - the flowing of my blood. I remember the sensation of people finding seats all around me as I waited patiently for the event to begin. I had tucked my pen into the notebook in which I'd scribbled notes, and my hands were folded together. As my heart beat, I felt my fingers pushing against one another as they were folded in front of me. I could watch my hands slowly undulate while my lifeblood coursed through them. As the crowd filled in around me, my body heaved ever-so-slightly with each pump of my heart.

It was an intense sensation. Was it claustrophobia? Was it anxiety? Was it hyper-sensitivity or over-stimulation due to the gathering crowd that filled the room?

What a sensation it was. It's happened to me before, but tonight it was especially vibrant.

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