Nala Toph

Written Thoughts
2019-08-13 12:26:27 (UTC)

School Attendant

“Are you late to second hour or did you just get to school”
I just got to school since I don’t have a first hour because I don’t have fire science today
“Oh that’s odd, well you are still tardy”
Yeah but i should be excused
“No, you’re late for class, what bus number are you on? Did you get here by bus”
I’m not on a bus, a guy comes to my house and drops me off at school
“So are you on a city bus?”
“So what school bus number are you on?”
I’m not on a bus!
“Okay this just a warning please sign here”
What am I signing for?
“Well if you are late again then that’s a detention”
I’m not signing that, I wasn’t responsible for being late
“It’s okay it’s just a warning”
Yeah A warning I shouldn’t even get! It’s not my fault!

Ms fuck-face clearly can comprehend the simple fact of traffic is hard some times! Congratulations Ms. Fuck-Face you are the first one here to cause deep internal rage at this school! I was a little happy about coming here to Washington HS but you are the downside. You are the thing i hate now.

I’m sure some people think, “are you really that mad? It’s just a warning...”
But if you dealt with the bull shit that school authorities are then you know it won’t stop there, the bullshit goes on and on and on.... this Thursday i also don’t have have fire science so am I getting a detention for it? I swear if I’m actually forced to go to detention for this someone is getting hurt, very very badly... and quite possibly very very dead because I cannot stand it anymore. School authorities are bullies.