Experienced Life
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2019-08-12 21:36:32 (UTC)

Dinner with my old friend

Today, my friend Susan picked me up to drive me to the pharmacy to pick up my pills. haha. I feel so lame not driving on my own. But hey, I better enjoy being spoiled while I can. Then I was craving some Pho so we went to some Vietnamese restaurant. My throat wasn't feeling 100% and some soup sounded like a good idea. I had the roast duck egg noodle soup. It was good stuff. I know I know... more bad carbs. I enjoyed my dinner thoroughly though.

After dinner, my other friends texted me asking me if it's ok to bring dinner over to my place tomorrow. Some kind of lettuce wrap meal. Hey, sounds good to me. Spoil me even more why not? I got a lot of wine so I of course said sure :)

Got some texts from my other close friend Jenni. She said I was actually right about her issue with her boyfriend and that they are working it out. I'm glad. She is my good friend and she's the one that thinks the same as I do. We can finish each other's sentences. I think she puts too much value in her dude though. I told her about my theory of putting my eggs in multiple baskets and not just one. I don't mean multiple men. I mean putting your efforts in work, work friends, family, social friends, etc, etc.

Some small texting with my online friend Jen. We're getting to know each other more when we didn't even see each other in person yet. Sorta weird but still nice. I don't wake up in any anxiety anymore. I think I got over my little hump there. I feel like maybe I got over my little bump on the road too :)