Experienced Life
2019-08-11 14:59:47 (UTC)

Lunch with my friend Jenni

I have a friend that finishes my thoughts and vice-versa. We had lunch today and it's been awhile since we hung out. She has her dude with th normal dude issues. But it was nice catching up and I see we're a little different now. I changed. At one point a year ago, we were two peas in a pod. We thought the same. We said the same shit. We knew what we were thinking before saying anything. We changed or I changed a little since.

My perspective is different now. I see the world from a different point of view. We're still close. We still laugh at each other's thoughts. But we or should I say I have changed. She still puts all her eggs in one basket. That basket being her dude. I won't ever do that again. Now I put my efforts everywhere spread out to multiple places.

Just in case one area craps out, I still have the other baskets to hold me up. Funny how things are. Glad my breakup with my ex gf happened. I like the new me. Tonight, my wine peeps are coming over to help drink our fancy -smancy wine from the winery. I won't drink it without them being here so I'm glad they are finally coming by to hang out. They got dart finals coming soon. I'm out of the picture for that one. Maybe in 6 months, I can be back in action. Maybe....

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