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2019-08-11 05:27:31 (UTC)

Post surgery so far

Well, I removed the bandages yesterday and it itched like a mother-effer. The sticky part of the tape is what's causing it. This morning when I woke up, I no longer itch. Whew..... Some neck pain where my gear is which is normal. Slept well. I feel a little better each and every day. My cut is ugly though. Yuck!!! The ripped skin area isn't helping.

I emailed my Dr about what I can do for my torn skin and he said I can use silicone bandages to make it not scar. I guess I can do the same for my cut from surgery. It still looks swollen and it still has that transparent bandage thingy on me so I won't put it on yet but it looks ugly. Hopefully it heals and don't look like shit. I know I'm old but I barely have wrinkles on my neck. I have (or I guess I had) a neck of a 20 something year old person. Again, sigh.......

Don't know if I can make it to church today. I may have to use Uber/Lyft. I'll try asking my atheist friend if I can either get a ride there or back. haha. I'd like to thank God for such successful surgery. It could have easily have gone the wrong way and it didn't. I could have had complications like infections, fever, etc, etc but nope, I feel good and I'm getting fatter by the day :)

Having green tea this morning instead of coffee. I'm having a touch of congestion so having tea always helps clear my throat. Otherwise, life is looking up I think. BTW, looking up no longer makes my fingers go numb so haha, I can do that too now. :)