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2019-08-10 10:08:06 (UTC)

Sister left

Well, Sister left. She could only stay till today to watch me. I was fine though. She took me to and back from hospital. Made sure I didn't bleed to death at home. Made some meals for me which of course were not the healthiest meals so I gained weight but it was out of love so it's cool. I'm good to go on my own for now. Only thing is this pain in my neck. haha. Literally, there is a pain in my neck. haha. After all, I did just get two discs replaced in my neck with terminator parts. :)

My online friend that I met is a little jealous in a nice way for me. She says that I had major surgery and I'm doing better than she is when she only had knee surgery. She jokingly asked when I can come over to visit her. I jokingly said she should work on her physical therapy and walk over to Sacramento from where she is. haha.She sent me a few pics. Cute. But I'm going nice and slow. I'm actually thinking this distance is a little too far for us. She lives in Oakland and I in Sacramento. But we'll see how it goes.

I kept socializing with loony-roomy to a minimum which seems to work well. I can hear her calling all her contacts when she's outside smoking. Funny, all of them goes directly to voice mail which means they set it to automatically do that. While outside, I saw her tequila bottle. Looks like she'll make it till tomorrow so she can buy another bottle and her box wines too. That's when she gets her 100 a week allowance.

Sister did a lot for me here. She organized my pantry that I have in the garage. She organized my bathroom. She organized my fridge. A whole lotta crap was in there that was expired and stuff. Now it's organized and cleaned.

I took only one Oxy last night so that is the right dose for me. I took two the other night and it kicked my ass. I was flying way too much. hahaha. It supposed to just kill the pain and not take me on a trip to wonderland :) I had to keep these bandages on for 3 days. Well, today's the day I take them off. There is another inner layer bandage that I need to keep on but this first layer was so freaking itchy! Glad I can finally take it off. I will after I shower.

That's all I got for now. Recovering pretty well. I'm still at 162.5 sigh. Not bad I guess for slacking all week. All I can do is walk.

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