Nala Toph

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2019-08-10 08:33:09 (UTC)

The Girl Named Astrid

This is a love story, but on the terms bff (but i would totally fuck her though)
So I really love this girl, we’ve known each other for months...
now, a quick rewind on this girl. I first met him as a guy, forgot his guy name but it doesn’t matter. Eventually she came out and said, “I’m trans, I want to be a girl” and i was so excited for some reason. We looked through a couple names and I saw “Astrid” but I hesitated to giver her that name. Because it was a name i held close to me, like it’s weird to explain it but I love different names in different ways. Nala was a name i loved for me, but Alex, Riley and Nova are names I loved for a companion. Astrid though... that’s something else. It’s a name I wanted for a daughter, my own daughter that I raised, that I took care of. A girl I’d get fighting lessons for. A girl I’d help all the way through life. (I’d also teach her how stupid and idiotic vegans, anti-vaxxers and feminists are)
So I gave her the name Astrid because i love her... and ever since then I’ve been keeping a close eye on her and I’m very protective over her now. I did not give out the name “Astrid” lightly, she’s my daughter now. She’s mine since her parents wont let her be. (They don’t even accept her as a son either so I basically hate them since they don’t like my daughter)