Nala Toph

Written Thoughts
2019-08-08 14:43:09 (UTC)

They are Hypnotizing

Ever sat down and the girl near you has her panties showing? I see it allot, they don’t even know and it may just be the waistband. No matter how much shows I’ll just stare at them and I can’t look away. Somebody even waved their hand in my face because it seemed like i was staring off and spacing out. Why am I so engrossed by a woman’s underwear? I’m honestly hypnotized when i see them, I can barely move and can’t speak. No thought it crossing my mind. I do have a wedgie fetish but I don’t want to pull on them (well sometimes I do). I’m just unable to think and I’m unable to look away. It’s like I saw my god in person and I just live in awe. Now I’m taking a step back to realize that I’m the only girl writing diary entries about staring mindlessly at a girl’s underwear.

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